Caledonia, MS (My Hometown) Hit By Tornado

Back when I was about 6 years old, a huge tornado hit my hometown of Caledonia, Mississippi. The tornado came in the middle of the night cutting a wide swath through the town; destroying the school gym and damaging homes and businesses.

My family and I actually slept through the tornado only to be awakened the next morning by a friend’s phone call asking of our condition.

The damage I remember has provided me, on more than one occasion, some great stories to tell.

Yesterday, history repeated itself, only this time, the tornado hit in the middle of the afternoon; but still managed to destroy the gym at my old high school as well as homes, cars, buses, and other buildings. In fact, a bus was destroyed as it was thrown onto the roof of the gymnasium. The photo is from the Commercial Dispatch

Via the Internet, today I watched local news stories at WCBI-TV and even saw an old classmate as she described her home being destroyed. That’s not the best way to see someone after 20-something years. Luckily only minor injuries were reported.

Many of the active links for the coverage of the tornado have not been archived on the news sites, but I’ll provide them now; even though they may not exist by tomorrow. The Associated Press is currently running their coverage of “Twister Dumps Bus On School”.

But, thanks to YouTube and a quick-thinking videographer some eyewitness coverage is available online. The video is without commentary or narration, but the images are quite dramatic.

I haven’t been back to my old hometown in about 6 years, but I can imagine whenever I return, somebody will have a good “storm story” to tell me from January 10, 2008.

Until then, my thoughts are with those old neighbors and friends as they clean up after the storm. I’m glad that everyone made it through. Homes can be replaced, but keep your families safe.

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