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I shouted on the rooftop when Quixtar announced its Opportunity Zone. A website filled with the blogs of corporate PR folks at Quixtar. The fact that Quixtar was opening up a discussion with the hundreds of bloggers and blog commenters that have been discussing the pros and cons of Amway and Quixtar for years was inspiring and motivating for all Quixtar Independent Business Owners.

And the discussions at these new blogs have been lively. And the PR folk at Quixtar have engaged on every front to one degree or another.

But today, I read that a new policy of an email requirement before one is allowed to comment is being instituted; and a suggestion to leave a full name is also being promoted.

Granted, many blogs require an email, and for the record, a “throw-a-way” email address isn’t hard to come up with. For that matter, a fake name isn’t exactly going to be investigated for “realness” or not.

But the policy struck a chord with me and I decided to comment. The comments are moderated at “the Zone”; so it might not be viewable at the moment, so I’m reprinting my comment here, now.

Everyone pretty much knows my full name; but for the record, my middle name is Wayne and my entire name was chosen out of a hat at a baby shower.

The idea of promoting transparency was an idea I greatly admired at the outset of the Opportunity Zone.

Yes, the revelation of Bobble and Kia’s real names were a welcome change even before the institution of the Opportunity Zone.

The slippery slope that I see forming may be the result of an overwhelming response by commenters here at the Zone, with a fair amount of negative comments once not addressed by the company.

The PR nightmare is that a Pandora’s box has been opened and cannot be shut now; without detriment to the idea of transparency.

But, the problem is not with the transparency of the commenters; it still lies on The Corporation.

You have began this road…and now I believe you see trouble ahead and want to steer clear.

Suggesting the use of full names or email addresses is non conducive to “the discussion”.

If you truly want feedback then you must accept the anonymous nature of some commenters. Without assurance of their privacy, you will stifle the feedback that the corporation MUST have to make changes.

It’s STILL about YOUR transparency, not the detractors.

As an IBO who praises this company, as an ex-PR professional, and as a fellow blogger, please reconsider this policy.

David (Wayne) Robison AND

By the way, for those looking for a fake name, might I suggest George Glass and for an email

10 Brownie points awarded to the person who catches the reference.

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2 Responses to To Anna(at)Quixtar

  1. rocket says:

    That is fantastic Dave. You are truly a gentleman to the manner born. I think it carries a great deal of weight when an honest to goodness fellow like yourself who is an IBO makes posts along this line.

    At the end of the day, most of the critics are not anti Quixtar, they are anti Quixtar continuing to support the makers of the problem.

    I have yet to observe transparency, and while I await real solutions to THE problem, this is nothing more than Quixtar digging a foxhole.

    It’s so obvious its sad.

    Thanks Dave. You rock.

  2. Anonymous says:


    I have to agree. Monitoring comments is one thing, asking for a full name is totally different.

    Granted, they are within their rights to monitor their comments considering how many truly negative comments would be posted.

    If you’re going to moderate comments, tell people up front you’re moderating comments. Don’t come up with the excuse, “it’s the commenting software-have to call IT on it” That’s a load of Crap!


    Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening does it?


    To earn the 10 “brownie points”, The George Glass is a reference to the imaginary boyfriend of Jan Brady on the Brady Bunch…LOL.

    I actually rembered that episode the moment I read it-we are now showing MY age…


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