Quixtar IS Listening

Applause, Applause, Applause.

You got to give credit where credit is due.

Quixtar IS listening to every comment made at the Opportunity Zone.

Yesterday I commented on a new policy being implemented at “the Zone” regarding adding an email address or name to an entry when a commenter writes at any of “the Zone” blogs.

I wasn’t the only one that found problems with the policy; many made comments regarding their privacy.

Quixtar Listens. An update was posted today to the entry.

3/22/07 Update:

Just to clarify – we will continue to publish comments submitted under a pseudonym and anonymous comments.

Also, as a response to the concerns expressed by some of our readers, we will post a privacy policy that will spell out how we’re going to use – and not use – the email addresses you submit with your comments.

Finally, some readers were worried about the potential retribution from Quixtar against IBOs criticizing the business or the corporation itself. We understand the anxiety that can sometimes come with putting your opinion on the line for all the world to see – every blogger on the Quixtar side of the Opportunity Zone feels this from time to time too!

But Quixtar is not and never has been interested in “retribution” against IBOs for any reason. Are we interested in enforcing the Quixtar Business Rules of Conduct? Of course, and any Rules violations that come to our attention via any medium will always be appropriately investigated. But criticizing and questioning any aspect of the business should never be cause for worry about any kind of action from Quixtar.

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