MLM Law “Blawg” Gone For Good?


Thursday, May 18, 2006

He called himself Lawdawg and he wrote his “law blawg”. He never revealed his identity, but he gained respectability among Quixtar critics and the Quixtar IBOs willing to debate the critics.

I didn’t always agree with his views regarding Quixtar OR MLM in general, but I always respected his views. He “won” some cases, and in my opinion he “lost” some cases.

And now, LawDawg says Farewell.

Continued best wishes.”

Well it appears that the archive of postings left by the “Dawg” have been usurped by some other owner or squatter of the domain.

What appears at the URL now is gibberish or a foreign language that I do not have the language pack for. Nothing is intelligible except a few English letters.

It’s a shame that this resource is now gone from the Internet.

YO DAWG! If you’re still out there, HOLLA!

UPDATE: AUGUST 2016–UPDATE: AUGUST 2016–The above URL address Deputydawglogonow shows no entries, and is merely a “placeholder” for the new “owner” of the URL. The lawBlawg is currently available in parts at the Internet Archive. 

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2 Responses to MLM Law “Blawg” Gone For Good?

  1. ibofightback says:

    No shame at all considering so many of his posts were wrong. He used false definitions of “illegal pyramid”. He gave false data on #s of IBOs to give the false impression of no growth since the 70s. He gave falses #s of Diamonds. etc etc etc.

    And this false information spread like wildfire around the internet echo chamber.

    When finally someone (like me) came along to challenge his bogus claims, he banned me from commenting. Says it all really.

  2. Ty says:

    The entire LawBlawg can be found here:

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