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Back in August, someone stole my car.

Today, thanks to a summons from the Mobile, AL District Attorney’s Office, we sat in courtroom 6100 to witness what we thought would be the end of the saga.

We got to sit through several interesting plea arrangements and deals made by some of the people there.

Two gentlemen settled Worker Compensation claims. One made an arrangement with their employer to accept a $100,000+ settlement including an open medical agreement that the employer would pay any future medical claims arising from the accident.

The other settled for $3500 plus an open medical arrangement.

Another young lady agreed to a drug test and apologized to the court for missing her probation officer appointment and asked for more time regarding sentencing due to other pending charges. Her original request for trying under a “youthful offender” stipulation was pending based on the other factors.

The defendant in my “stolen car” case faced more charges.

It seems he would be in court today as well as tomorrow, and his attorney asked to have the other cases as well as today’s cases lumped together for a date in the future. It seems he had to take off from work on both days and that was a hardship.

I found out that along with possession of stolen property(my case); he was also facing charges that included selling an illegal substance to an undercover officer. There were other charges and stipulations regarding his disposition as well.

The case was rescheduled for 60 days in the future. The DA thanked me and my wife for showing up and assured us that the defendant would be convicted.

We finally left the courtroom before the next case that involved a guy in cuffs seeing his public defender prior to a plea.

I assume “my guy” went back to work.

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