A World Of Trouble

There’s a war in Iraq. Reported genocide in Darfur. Hunger in the Sudan. And you are probably worried about what to cook for supper or if you can wait until Friday to pay the electric bill. Or, you may have a medical concern that is worrying you.

We often shut out all problems that aren’t related to our own well-being. It can be stressful watching television news. Do we really want to know who killed whom; who stole something; who died an untimely death?

Sometimes we don’t need to shut out the world’s troubles. The troubles affecting our “neighbors” should cause us some stress. It should inspire us, activate us, call us to action.

I discovered a website that currently lists all the “troubles” being reported in the World.

Sponsored by the Havaria Information Service, the site is a world map including short-time and ongoing events, as well as seismic activity, inclement weather, environmental and biological hazards and airplane accidents. The map lists the general event and location and you can click on the link to read the details.


You may not see these events on your local news unless your locale is where the event is taking place.

Need a reason to write a congressman, donate to a charity, become politically active, or renew your faith-based works? This map brings it into perspective.

If anything, the knowledge of what is happening to your fellow humans in another part of the world may just make you grateful for your own little corner of the planet.

Need some examples?

It’s 5:40PM CDT as I type this sentence. Here’s some current events.

Heavy snowstorms in India (Jammu and Kashmir) resulting in landslides in Panthihal area which disrupted traffic on the Srinagar-Jammu national highway. Many places in Kupawara district experienced heavy snowfall, prompting residents to take to kangris (earthen fire pots used to keep warm) or other modern gadgets for beating off the cold.

The University of Queensland, is investigating the causes of a rapidly-emerging coral reef killer known as White Syndrome, and has found unexpected results. Instead of being killed by bacterial invaders as previously thought, Ms Ainsworth’s studies reveal that the cells within the coral activate programmed cell death, or PCD – a cellular process which acts like a self-destruct mechanism.

Due to prolonged dry weather, Swaziland might soon face its worst food shortage in the last 25 years. Maize prices have increased by 80 percent over the last month and are forecast to double by harvest time in April/May.

Puerto Rico experienced a 3.3 earthquake in the last 24 hours.

2 people were hurt in Lincoln City, Oregon when a plane crashed.

The Huila Volcano in Columbia is at an Alert Orange level with elevated activity.

The map is continuously updated as the Information Service collects data.

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