Save The World One Bulb At A Time

With the recent release of the UN report on Climate Change and Global Warming; the news wires are replete with stories and commentary on what we must do to save our planet from Global Warming; much to the frustration of conservative talk show radio hosts, such as Rush Limbaugh.

And whether you feel Al Gore deserves the Nobel Peace Prize or a one way ticket back to Liberal-land, Communista; the topic is going to be with us for a few more news cycles.

Yesterday I was listening to NPR’s All Things Considered, and heard about Brian Huyser’s efforts with OneBillionBulbs.Com.

FROM BRIAN’S BLOG(except NO permalinks):

“On a Sunday night in mid July, half-asleep after putting our kids to bed, I heard an expert on a documentary hosted by Tom Brokaw say that if each household in the US changed one standard incandescent light bulb to an energy-efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulb, the result would be equivalent to removing millions of greenhouse-gas-emitting cars from the road. That one data point cut through the fog of my tiredness.

The next morning, I wanted to know more. Had I misheard something? Is it really the case that the combined effect of millions of people changing a light bulb would be equivalent removing millions of cars from the road?

After further research, I was convinced that it is true. Furthermore, I learned that CFL bulbs have another important benefit: they save money. Although the up-front cost of a CFL bulb is higher than a standard bulb, they last up to ten times longer and they consume approximately 65-76% less electricity than a standard bulb, all while producing the same amount of light.

So, one can save money and do good for the environment by changing a few light bulbs. What could be easier? If only more people knew about this, I thought. A short time later, an idea started to form in my mind. The idea was to create a website that would educate people about the benefits of CFL bulbs and organize a campaign to get lots of people to change some light bulbs. is the result of that idea. The name of the site captures the goal. Our goal is to get millions of people all over the world to replace a few standard incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient CFL bulbs. To be sure, the goal is ambitious. Perhaps absurdly so. And yet, the stakes are high. Something must be done.

Are you wondering what you can do about the problem of global warming? has an answer: replace some standard incandescent light bulbs with some energy-efficient CFL light bulbs. Your simple, concrete action will save you money and will be good for the environment.

Beyond replacing a few light bulbs, participate in the grand experiment. Tell your friends and family about If you have a blog, mention us. If you write for a school newspaper, encourage others check out If you have a website, use some of our free promotional tools on your site.

With enough participation, we can change the world, one light bulb at a time”

You can sign up at OneBillionBulbs and receive free information about the progress of the project and participate by logging in your CFL lightbulb purchases.

“On The Road With Dave” readers can join the OTR Reader’s Group to log in their purchases as a group effort.

Quixtar IBOs can purchase CFL bulbs through their own business and promote purchase of the energy saving bulbs to their customers. Bulbs are available at Quixtar or through the Quixtar Partner Store; Bulbs.Com

Of course, if you have a better idea to reduce CO emissions and you think it is commercially viable; Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Airlines will award you 25 Million Dollars over the course of ten years in his VirginEarth Challenge.

UPDATE: April 2016; appears to be no longer active. Bryan’s Blog and The OTR Readers Group no longer active, nor archived on the Internet.



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2 Responses to Save The World One Bulb At A Time

  1. MLMInformer says:


    When they stop flying around in corporate jets to promote “global warming”, I’ll start changing my light bulbs because they said so.

    After working at a major energy company, I highly recommend the CFL light bulbs.

    You can get more information here:

    Here’s a few interesting facts:

    Use at least 2/3 less energy than standard incandescent bulbs to provide the same amount of light, and last up to 10 times longer.

    Save $30 or more in energy costs over each bulb’s lifetime

    Generate 70 percent less heat, so they’re safer to operate and can cut energy costs associated with home cooling.

    In addition to other quality requirements, must turn on instantly, produce no sound, and fall within a warm color range or be otherwise labeled as providing cooler color tones.

    Are available in different sizes and shapes to fit in almost any fixture, for indoors and outdoors.


  2. Tom says:

    As you align your IBO activity with the creation of a presumed social/environmental good you are engaging in a form of social entrepreneurship. I hope that your example inspires other Quixtar IBOs to do the same.

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