Quixtar’s Jim Payne Has “Ada-tude”

Jim Payne is Quixtar Corporation’s Managing Director or Executive Vice President; and now an official new member of the blogsphere.

Payne’s contribution is “Ada-Tudes” ; “which offers perspectives from Quixtar’s exec management about the business, issues, and overall direction.” of Quixtar Corporation.

Joining Jim Payne on this blog is Ray Alexander, Director of Marketing for Quixtar.

This newest blog is part of the Quixtar Corporate Blog website; The Opportunity Zone.

Jim opens up the conversation in his Welcome Post and explains the direction of The Opportunity Zone:

“The other key strategy is reputation and building our reputation through greater transparency and honesty. For too long we have let others tell our story and have not responded to counter the negative lies ….or the negative truths. We have a great business, we have tons of positive stories to share with others and to tell the world…… so we’re here to tell them.

The Opportunity Zone is a series of blogs (I am new to this whole environment ) that talk about the Quixtar business— the products, plan, IBOs, sponsorships, how we give back as a collective organization…. It’s our opportunity to tell our story and no longer be silent. Personally, I am excited about this forum to speak out, to participate in the conversation and for people to hear how and why this business has helped so many, in so many different ways.”

Also included at Jim’s first blog entry AND on the Opportunity Zone front page is a video of Payne, basically reading his first entry. I’m sure the video will be released on YouTube, but for now, there’s no embed code to watch it off-site.

Let me say, I like Jim Payne. I think he has an attitude about Quixtar and how it should really be ran in a positive way. I think he has ALL Quixtar participants in mind, with new policies being implemented, and not just the Higher-up “muckity-mucks.” I hope his blog entries convey that attitude when writing for “Ada-Tude”.

Stop by the Opportunity Zone and check out ALL the available Quixtar Corporate Blogs in the Zone, and welcome Jim Payne to the blogosphere.

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3 Responses to Quixtar’s Jim Payne Has “Ada-tude”

  1. Jay Johnson says:

    Dave… nice blog. I think the real terriorism is the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

    I do keep up with the MySpace site, but do not blog on it. It is a site that was put up for the show and it is official. I think someone hacked it and sent questionable material under my name, but that has been corrected now.

    Keep writitng..

  2. Ryan says:

    interesting about Quixtar. I wonder what he has to say about the new MLM Comedy,

    Believe The Movie

    I’m interested to see how the tops in the industry react to it.

  3. Hey Ryan,

    You can always ask him; his blog is open to comments.

    I haven’t seen the movie; and I doubt it will have a major release; but if it comes out on DVD, I’m there.


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