Joe Rogan VS Carlos Mencia

If you don’t follow the industry of Comedy very closely then you probably don’t know the feud between Comedians Joe Rogan (Fear Factor, The Man Show) and Carlos Mencia (Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia.

It has been alleged that Carlos Mencia is known for stealing material from lesser known comics and using their material in his act.

Joe Rogan, who obviously proves that “fear is not a factor” decides to confront Mencia at a comedy club. The following video qualifies as “viral” in the comedy community; everyone is watching it.



It looks like Carlos Mencia has had the video pulled from YouTube. It says because of copyright violation, but the video was taken by Joe Rogan, not Mencia. The video is still available at MySpace. You can do a search for it by typing in Joe Rogan Vs Carlos Mencia. I won’t give the link here, to insure that the video stays available for as long as possible. But I would guess another version will surface at YouTube again or will be available at Joe Rogan’s website.


Joe has been banned from the Comedy Store for this incident as of today.

Joe posts the full story of the verbal fight between him and Carlos Mencia at his website JoeRogan.Net

Here’s the Blog Entry AND the Video!

UPDATE #3 August 28, 2009

I updated Joe’s Link at his site and embedded a NEW copy of a YouTube Video

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  1. Anonymous says:


    This is funny stuff- you can’t FIND a writer for this kind of comedy!

    FYI you can search for it on, and it’ll be there- you can also post it without having it being pulled.


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