Fox News…Fair, Balanced…Clueless

Yeah, so I was watching the news this morning, when Fox News was alerting everyone to the Bomb Hoax in Boston involving an advertising firm working for Turner Broadcasting Company.

The advertising company hired two guys to hang what amounted to “electronic billboards” around the city. The signs featured two characters from The Cartoon Network’s TV show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

For about two hours the reporters droned on and on about the “bombs” being a hoax.

Two things that struck me odd.

They weren’t suppose to look like bombs, thus how can they be a hoax?

The reporters took about two hours before they even knew exactly what the “characters” on the sign were all about. One reporter had no real clue about Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and looked confused even talking about it.

I know that these guys usually report “serious news” and are all about knowing what is REALLY going on in the world, but geez, The Aqua Teen Hunger Force has been around awhile…don’t these guys have kids, talk to kids, seen a kid in the last 5 years?

Just for the record, dear Fox News, here’s a simple description of Aqua Teen Hunger Force…

They aren’t teens.

There’s not really any Aqua involved.

Ummmm…They aren’t really a Force of any kind, and although they do eat; the “Hunger” part isn’t really relevant, either.

Ya see, the show is about a Box of Fries, A Talking Shake, A Wad of Meat, and these aliens that appeared on these “electronic billboards”

Sometimes, the Hunger Force does genetic testing, there’s some bloodshed, usually
a scientific experiment goes awry…and…and…well you guys at Fox just go with the “Bomb Hoax” theory…it’s simpler.

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2 Responses to Fox News…Fair, Balanced…Clueless

  1. Anonymous says:


    I really don’t think Fox News is to blame. I think that The city of Boston is to blame for “uncovering” this hoax. They need to lighten up. It makes them look rather foolish.


  2. insider says:

    Keith Olbermann has started calling them the FOX Noise Network. 🙂

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