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My name is Leyla and I work in Public Relations at Quixtar doing things like writing news releases, emailing editors and (this is my favorite part of my job) coordinating our corporate philanthropy program. I am the One by One Campaign for Children person at Quixtar.

I’m a Turkish, German, Irish, middle-aged (I can hardly believe it myself!), curious, Democrat, Spartan (Go Green!), kind, opinionated, curious, silly, giving, American woman…

…My dad is big on Turkish sayings. He once said, “When I say cucumber, you run like salt!”

OK, I didn’t know what that meant either, but apparently, he was commenting on my habit of volunteering for the latest, greatest cause. I used to say that I have this spring mechanism in my arm that would automatically trigger upon hearing the phrase “…we really need some help…” especially when it comes to kids. I LOVE kids, and old people, and animals, and…the list goes on and on. How fortunate for me that I ended up in a job that allows me to focus on helping kids. 🙂 Yea!

Welcome to Leyla at the new Quixtar One By One blog!

This is the newest addition to Quixtar’s Opportunity Zone domain; which is promising to be home to all of Quixtar’s related blogs.

Already you can find Beth Dornan’s Inside Quixtar and Robin Luymes’ Real Quixtar Blog at the Opportunity Zone.

Leyla’s blog reads with a tone of “realness” and sincerity. So far, so good.

Stop by and tell her “Howdy”.

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