Quixtar Customers Are Great

Back when Quixtar introduced their Personal IBO websites I was quick to sign up and put my own personal shopping site out on the web.

I want to thank all of the customers that have visited the site and trusted me enough to place an order.

Sure, everyone trusts Amazon and Netflix, and of course Quixtar is a trusted website for folks that have been introduced personally to the site from a Quixtar IBO. But, it makes me feel good that people that merely know me from my blog and what I write about would feel comfortable clicking on my Quixtar Personal website and deciding to order something from me.

I have two of the Personal IBO websites. One features the Incentive Gift Albums along with a selection of Home Care products and Vitamins and Supplements.

healthbeautydefault_page-720175The other is targeted towards Health and Fitness with a small selection from Home Care and Skin and Oral Care.

The sites are pretty cool for IBOs, in that there’s no reason to ask the IBO for his IBO referral number, as it is embedded in the site already. And of course, once the new customer registers (IT’S FREE) at my site and acquires their own Quixtar customer number; they can then have access to the ENTIRE shopping experience at Quixtar.com

And unlike Amazon or Netflix, MY customers can email or call ME with questions or concerns. Quixtar notifies me each time a customer signs up, or places an order. I can then welcome my customers, and let them know that a real person is behind the site and he appreciates them.

No, these sites are not unique to network marketing; nor are they revolutionary in the way they work. What surprises me, is that for now, my sites are quite effective for acquiring traffic and sales conversions with very little promotion. And, I’m meeting and talking to GREAT customers.

And did I mention that the sites are FREE for any Quixtar Independent Business Owner to build and operate?

Free AND you can make a profit while providing good service for your customers. You gotta love it.

UPDATE: Links to My Former Personal Web Sites have been removed.

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5 Responses to Quixtar Customers Are Great

  1. kathleen says:

    How do people FIND these sites? Even though they were introduced before I left, I’m unsure of how IBOs market these. Will you get in trouble for “marketing” them on the blog?

    PS: I was looking for more makeup, but I guess if I registered I’d have access to all. Oh well. not ready to do that yet. 🙂

  2. Howdy Kathleen,

    I list my site URL on certain emails I send out, and on business cards. I included my link in my sidebar since the inception of the sites and the IT guy who blogs for Quixtar wrote a blog article about it.

    I believe my link is “legal”, but would remove it, if asked to by “corporate”.

    But, due to the assigned addresses the sites aren’t going to be readily searchable online unless you know which IBO you are looking for.

    But of course, you already know a really good IBO, that could help you out with make-up. 😉


  3. kathleen says:

    Yes, I do know a “really good IBO.” One of the best, in fact. (And I’ve met plenty!)


  4. Anonymous says:


    I think this post is illegal. Since the question was raised, it is your responsibility, as an IBO (remember, the “O” stands for OWNER), to verify this is legal.

  5. Dear Anon,

    If the post is “illegal”; what would make it illegal would be the links to the two personal IBO sites. That could be misconstrued as “advertising” and not just my experience with using the sites.

    The sites themselves are sanctioned by Quixtar and do not require passcode protection.

    In the interest of remaining within the Rules of Conduct, I will contact Quixtar; and if deemed necessary I will disable the links to the sites.

    As of to date, no Legal Bulletin or Rule change has been issued in regards to the new Quixtar Personal IBO websites.

    And I do not use this blog as a source of recruiting for my Quixtar business, nor list my IBO reference number in any post.

    Any link to official Quixtar sites are without my personal IBO number and would fall within the approved content of a Personal Home Page rule.

    But, I will contact Quixtar about this specific issue.


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