Birthday Fun

Today is my wife’s birthday. It’s a particularly happy birthday and one that we are really glad she’s having.

The gang at our office surprised her with a cake and presents today.

One gift was a small blue furry monster that sang a birthday song and “skatted”. (Think Mel Torme’, not something disgusting)

BUT, it also sang “Mahnamahna.”

Now, if you have no idea what this song is, then you probably never watched an episode of “The Muppet Show”. But, the tune and the–shall we say–lyrics to the song are funny and infectious. My wife continually hit the play button on the little critter all day, and anybody in earshot wound up either laughing or singing along.

So, for your Friday Night Diversion, and just to “stick” the tune into your head for the rest of the weekend; Here’s The Muppets Do “Mahnamahna”

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