Quixtar Rule Clarification

This is all I’m gonna say on the matter.

An IBO is not allowed to sell products through Amazon.com.

Please see the rule on retail stores which includes unauthorized Internet websites below:

4.3. Retail Stores: No IBO shall permit the Corporation’s products or services to be sold or displayed in retail establishments, including, but not limited to, places like schools, fairs, PXs, ships, unauthorized internet websites, or military stores; nor shall he or she permit any of these products to appear in such locations even if the products or services are not for sale. No corporate literature shall be displayed in retail establishments.

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4 Responses to Quixtar Rule Clarification

  1. rodg says:

    As an Ibo advocate, all Ibos will be much incensed by this news, come tomorrow, I assure you. Wrongs will be arighted, over which we’ll surely come. Travel forward, man, and keep flying that red flag flaming.

  2. rocket says:

    Hey Dave,

    Geez man, that’s a pretty short leash they have IBO’s on isn’t it?

    They are running TV ads, but you as a purveyor of products are not allowed to promote them?

    Is this so it’s equal for everyone? ie. a store owner has no advantage over a miner id they were both IBO’s?

    I don’t see how Amway/Quixtar can expect you to succeed under this type of control.

    I know that they are concerned about what the sith IBO’s may do to make them and hard workin’ IBO’s look stupid.

    But there’s gotta be a better way.

  3. Howdy Rocket,

    It is a leash; but not that short.

    I posted the rule due to an ad that came up in my Amazon box, for SA8.

    Amazon is not an authorized website to sell Quixtar products, and that IBO is in violation of the rule.

    The rule mentions “unauthorized” websites…AUTHORIZED websites are available; I use one.

    The other “retail establishments” part of the rule is indeed to prevent IBOs who have existing store fronts from gaining advantage over other IBOs.

    Remember, Quixtar is a “direct sales” based company. It is targeted to the home-based business niche. If someone wants a business as a storefront, there are many other options.

    Also, Quixtar will allow approved displays in certain businesses with PRIOR approval.

    The point is, you can run a “pretty far piece” on the leash provided you follow the rules.


  4. Ty Tribble says:

    I have been involved with Network Marketing from the company side as well as the associate side and the sales of products through retail establishments such as eBay, Amazon and Costco would be far worse for the associates than the company.

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