Good Work Follows You

A few days ago, I get a call at work from my son. He tells me someone called at home looking for me and I needed to call them.

It turns out that the person who called was a client of mine over 6 years ago, when my wife and I was running our video production company.

The guy “Googled” me, found my location, looked up my number and called. He wanted me to travel to Tennessee and film a video for his corporation.

I told him that we were no longer in the video production company and assured him he could have probably found a reputable company in his area.

He told me that yes he could have, but he wanted to “start with the best” first.

Yep, my head expanded to twice its normal size.

But it’s nice to know that when you do good work (in any profession), you have no idea how long of an impression that work will last. I’m lucky that mine lasted at least 6 years, and that it was an extremely good impression.

I would encourage anyone to ALWAYS do your best; it pays dividends down the road and comes back to you ten-fold.

I couldn’t do the work for this old client, but I did re-connect with him and proved a lasting business relationship exists far past any existing business.

“Cast your bread upon the waters”

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