2006: On The Road With Dave

2006 has but a few hours left; and what would an end-of-the-year blog post be without a Year in Review.

A Year in Review? That’s preposterous! That’s so unoriginal! That’s “hack” blogging at it’s innate worst.

With that said…

On The Road With Dave’s 2006 Selected Blog Posts


One of my most Googled articles was about

Free Samples


Do you bash other MLMs to promote your own?

My Dad Is Bigger


During March 2006 I wrote about Amway Operations in Europe. A sample of that series was:

Amivo: Your Online Opportunity From Amway


In April the Alticor Media Blog came out fighting in a blog entry “Alticor Media Blog Fighting Back”. The Alticor Blog covered many topics in the following months regarding the Dick DeVos bid for the governorship of Michigan.


May marked the introduction of “D. Robison, PR Guy”. An exercise in silliness that many readers enjoyed. You can access the entire story plus a sequel in the
May Archives.


Shhhhhhhhh…in June, Dave became a granpa. Remember just call me Dave.


The Federal Trade Commission asked for comments on their Proposed Business Opportunity Rule. I responded to the FTC request.


August bears mentioning a few entries.

QUIXTAR turned heads when they announced a new advertising campaign, which included television commercials.

More importantly, The Imperial Palace Casino turned my stomach in August.

Some readers were disappointed in me because I decided not to quit Quixtar, as I had promised one year earlier, if I had not reached the Platinum Leadership level. I semi-apologize for going back on that promise in “Plight of The Reluctant Quitter”.

Finally, I am “forced” to become a contributing writer for The Quixtar Blog.


Quixtar unveils a new look for their Quixtar Facts website. I give my opinions to the new site.


October was a sad month and filled with stress and drama as the Robison family suffered a house fire.


I thought Quixtar critics were ruthless, but I hadn’t heard about Mary Kay Critics; until I wrote about “Mary Kay: Hatin’ On The Pink”

A new world opened up for me when I discovered MySpace and you can still visit Dave’s Space and sign up to be my official MySpace friend.


Some Quixtar Independent Business Owners follow the rules and others try to sell Quixtar products on Amazon. I advocate following the rules.

So, what will happen in 2007?

Stop by “On The Road With Dave” everyday in the coming year and find out.

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