The Plan: A Blast From The Past

UPDATE: Originally published at Quixtar Blog in November of 2006. Re-inserted at “OTRWD” in November of 2015

Everybody misses good ole Qblog when the rest of us, guest bloggers, post our thoughts, experiences and news about Quixtar here at Ye Olde Quixtar Blog. I miss him more than the rest of you, because I have to write something that stands up to his caliber of writing.

This week, I’ve decided not to match his caliber, but to repeat his caliber.

You may not know this, but when the man suggests to you to read his Archives, that there’s some good stuff there; especially in the early days of this blog.

Even way back then, when Qblog was still a card-carrying member of Quixtar, he was making some excellent observations about the business.

How would Qblog show the Quixtar Plan?

“…Nope, there is no “one way” to show the plan but there are some tips and guidelines you are supposed to follow. Anyway, here’s my criticisms of the plan but keep in mind I’m no expert and I know that the plan I’m being critical of works, I just can’t figure out why or at least I think it could work even better:

1. It’s too long. Shorten that plan up. 30 minutes is almost too long but should be the absolute maximum time. Not 1.5 – 2 hours.

2. Be honest and candid. When someone asks a question be ready with an answer that at least seems like you aren’t trying to hide anything.

3. Don’t ridicule 401ks or the stock market. You’ll end up looking like a fool one day. You couldn’t be so critical of those things 3 years ago and you won’t be able to again one day. Why? Well, it’s what everyone is striving for in Quixtar anyway. To be an investor.

4. Quit asking people if they’ve ever heard of Wal-Mart when you do the Wal-Mart part of the plan. Yes, everyone has heard of Wal-Mart. Everyone shops at Wal-Mart. Why not ask them if they’ve heard of food or air? Whatever.

5. Don’t tell me how much a Diamond or silver or whatever earns if, when I ask you how much you earn, you dodge the question. Be candid. If you’re going to volunteer how much others in the business earn then tell everyone how much you earn. Because, ya know, you’re standing right there and those diamonds aren’t.

That’s all I got now. Do this and you’ll have a better plan…Or not.”

These 5 suggestions stand the test of time; still good advice.

I would stress that today, if your plan was longer than 30 minutes, and you aren’t getting interested questions, you are talking to much.

Always answer questions truthfully, there’s no need to hide anything. If you don’t have an answer; promise to get one.

Wal-mart is a retail store. Discuss the plan as it pertains to operating a Direct Sales business. Discuss THAT industry. Inform the prospect about the nature of Direct Sales and it’s niche market.

Show the Plan and emphasize the income potential of the plan. Show the prospect how the plan works with retailing and recruiting. Any bravado about a Diamond’s income is unnecessary.

Nope, there is no “one way” to show the plan, but you could do a lot worse than the “Qblog way”


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