MLM, Comedy: I’m Not Alone

I want to be a successful stand-up comic. I want to be a successful network marketer.

Those two professions don’t seem to go hand-in-hand and I thought at one time, maybe I might be the only one with that desire. But, over the years I’ve met a few people in Comedy, that also have dabbled in MLM. Of course, I still think I may be the only one that wants to do both concurrently, but I thought you might be interested in an interview with comic, Andy Kindler and his experience with selling door-to-door, including MLM products.

2006_11_andy_kindlerYou’ve probably seen Andy on Comedy Central, Everybody Loves Raymond, and his funny remote segments he’s done for Dave Letterman.

Andy’s interview comes from The Gothamist.

How successful were you with door-to-door sales?

Horrible. I hated the job. I got one joke for stand up for it, which is, “I sold door-to-door for two years and I learned a valuable lesson: people don’t like to be disturbed at home.” People always hated to open the door, so I always hated to go out and do it, so I’d do it at little as possible. Sometimes, I’d do it for an hour and a half to two hours and if looked like it would rain at all or was even somewhat cloudy, I wouldn’t do it for the day. I was unsuccessful and miserable.

How similar, at the time, was your life to Glengarry Glen Ross?

Door-to-door wasn’t, but Time Life Books was like a lighter version of Glengarry Glen Ross. They had a board up, people had nicknames, and if you sold subscriptions there’d be a lot of noise and fake cheering, but that’s as close as it got.

Have you ever had an experience with Amway?

I feel like you’ve done a This is Your Life background search on me. I did not sell Amway, but I sold Shaklee, which was an Amway type product sold through multi-level marketing. They said all of their products were all natural. I used to do a joke about that too because everyone in my family wouldn’t come to the phone during those two months. “No, Andy, your uncle doesn’t want to hear about it.” The whole idea of those products is, “Hey, do you normally buy detergent at a store. Well, you know what? You need a middleman. Let me get it. I’ll ship the detergent to you.” Shaklee was just all regular stuff you could buy at the store, except it was Shaklee brand.


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3 Responses to MLM, Comedy: I’m Not Alone

  1. insider says:

    What about Andy Andrews? Hilarious comedian and Amway Diamond until the unfortunate TIF episode.

  2. I had Andy in mind, when I mention that over the years I had met a few people that had done both, but, not concurrently. I saw Andy perform in my hometown back when he was just getting started in comedy.

    Andy sort of left comedy, when he got into Amway, although he used his comedic talents in his MLM presentations.

    The TIF debacle was probably the best thing that could have happen to Andy, because his motivational speeches on DVD are a huge hit now. Serendipity shined on him.

  3. insider says:

    I believe N21 is still selling some of his CDs, hopefully he’s getting a percentage! A couple of my favourites are from him – Storms of Perfection and What If.

    No reason he couldn’t have done the DVDs while with Amway, plenty of other Diamonds and above profit from sharing their knowledge and talents outside of the Amway world.

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