Get Your BUTS Out Of The Way!

steve-natarelliSteve “the Nuclear Guy” Natarelli is a comic hailing from Rochester, NY. As far as I know, he has no experience with Multi-level Marketing; but he recently penned an article that feels right at home in the MLM world, all you need to do is replace his “comedy” terms with MLM, Network Marketing, or your particular company.

Heck, for that matter, any career suffering from procrastination or fear could take a lesson from Steve.

Here’s Steve’s article reprinted in its entirety with permission.


Get your BUTS out of the way!!!

Sitting in the audience of a comedy show, many years ago, I remember thinking, wouldn’t it be great to do this?

I always thought I could do stand up, BUT I just never got up to do it. Then one day I finally said goddamn it! I’m going to quit thinking about it, quit talking about it and just go do it!!!

Recently relating this story to someone started me thinking. (Fasten your seat belt ladies and gentlemen, that could be dangerous) Thinking about how much my life has changed, because I finally stepped out of a comfort zone. A comfort zone of my own making, as most of our comfort zones are, BUT no less a comfort zone.

When we think we can do something, yet find reasons not to, we may protect ourselves, BUT we rob ourselves at the same time. We rob ourselves of all the rewards that come with at least trying something. I call it finding the BUTS, so to speak.

So today I’m here to say, GET YOUR BUTS OUT OF THE WAY!!!

How much has my life changed, because I finally got my buts out of the way?

Well, today’s world is an instant gratification world. Standing on stage and hearing laughter because of something I said, is about as instant as things can get. Maybe not as instant as, Just add water, but I don’t do slap stick.

So now that I’ve addressed the immediate, what about the lasting and long term?

I have met some of the nicest and most interesting people. People who would have remained anonymous strangers, had I not taken that step up onto the stage, have become people I am very happy to call friends. Always encouraging, it’s a brother and sisterhood, as each knows the butterflies the other is feeling. It’s a family I wouldn’t have belonged to, if I had stayed on the sidelines instead of getting in the game.


Don’t want to do stand up? What about writing? I think most of the regular readers here know the stories that go with my literary forays. It brought Eileen into my life, at a time that I thought I had built the walls about as high as they needed to be, at a time that the KEEP OUT signs were flashing about as red as they could. Not just because of what I wrote, but because of what she wrote also.

I remember thinking, how did she get inside my soul, despite all the high walls I’ve built around it?

Many writers who share this site have reached me deeply and I hope I have managed to do the same (at least occasionally). Everyday people, many who have never tried anything like this before, have stepped out of their comfort zones and found a path to express things from deep inside themselves.

BY GETTING OUR BUTS OUT OF THE WAY!!! We have found many new and lasting friendships, again with people who would have remained anonymous strangers otherwise. Interesting, funny, diverse, BUT no longer strangers, together and individually we stepped out of our comfort zones to share what is inside us, to pursue a dream or just to be heard.

Thursday night was another of those defining moments. An eclectic band of people gathered together for a poetry and prose reading at The Daily Perks Coffee House, in Rochester, NY. Individuals, all with feelings inside and stories to tell came together to tell them.

Would I have imagined myself here just a few years ago? Ha! What the hell would I want to go there for? Would have been my answer to the invite.

BUT there I was. Arriving early and unaware that the evening would start with a featured reader, I was disappointed not to get the opportunity and time to speak with others in the crowd before the start. An early start Friday morning cancelled the chance to stay late. Listening to the speakers only furthered my desire to return next week, to arrive early AND stay late.

A gathering I never would have attended, if I hadn’t stepped out of some comfort zones of my own, just a short time ago. I’m amazed at how much larger my “comfort zones” have become, while at the same time realizing that I need to keep them growing.


We all have things to say and everyone has things for the rest of us to hear. It doesn’t matter if the grammar is right or all the spelling correct, if we just shut up long enough to listen, we just may find more in common with each other than we ever could have imagined.

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