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I admit that I tend to arrive late for parties and appointments; as well as fashion trends, new technology, and new hairstyles; but I like to think I have been on the cusp of anything “Internetty”, including all the social networking niche sites, as well as the blogosphere.

At age 44, I can still out 4-finger type any teenager online.

The one thing I have ignored, however, is My Space. No matter how much I longed to have “Tom” as a friend, I just couldn’t commit to the relationship. (In case you aren’t up on “all things Internetty”; Tom is the founder of MySpace and becomes your first MySpace Friend when you sign up.)

Now, as a wannabe comedian, I have heard all the stories about comedian, Dane Cook, and how MySpace friends rocketed him to stardom. But, I thought, if I entered into the My Space world now, I would once again be arriving late to the party. There’s just no way I could sign up.


I signed up last week.

And, lo and behold, Tom was immediately my friend. I was a lucky, lucky guy even if I did arrive late to the party.

Unfortunately, I immediately suffered from buyer’s remorse because I didn’t sign up under the Comedy section.

But, thanks to Steve The Nuclear Guy, (a friend of mine at Comedy Soapbox)I received some advice and closed my newly signed up MySpace account and waited two days and signed up under the Comedians’ MySpace.

I’m still building my profile and plan to include all my interests, hobbies, occupations, fetishes, vices, and vital secrets about my undergarment preferences.

What I won’t be doing is–messing with the background. I looked at a bunch of profiles, and the ones where people added a photo as their background are really hard to read. Words disappear, or appear to float really weird in front of me…maybe it messes with my depth of field perception or maybe it triggers some unknown seizure disorder from part of my past I can’t remember, but anyway I have trouble reading them.

So, out of respect for others like me, I’m keeping a bland, generic background for now.

I was really glad that “Tom” wasn’t mad at me for canceling my initial account. I know he wasn’t mad, cause he immediately signed on, AGAIN, as my first friend. Thank goodness for that. And because he still liked me, other comedians have consented to be my friend, also.

Anyway, if you feel like joining Tom and my other new MySpace friends, (and you have a MySpace account of your own) I’d be happy to approve you as one of my friends, too.

But, even if you don’t have a MySpace account, you can still explore the MySpace universe starting with the outer edge where my profile lies…

DAVE ROBISON “Insert Something Clever Here”

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