The Secret / “MLM Mondays”

Yesterday I read an email from Steve Royce at Killer Stand-Up about a new inspirational, motivational movie available on pay-per-view-on-the-web and by DVD entitled, “The Secret”.

I haven’t had the chance to order the movie, or really decided to order it yet; but a promo for the movie is on YouTube.

But, it’s much more than a promo, if you are looking for a daily affirmation video.

You know…something to watch to get your mind thinking positive or to gear your self up for action. You could watch the video, like you would have stared at the mirror repeating motivational affirmations to your self.

From what I have gathered at The Secret website, the information is nothing new in the world of motivation and positive self-talk; but another distillation of classic writings from great authors and speakers from the past.

However, what is unique is the presentation; and it may be just what some people need to inspire them to action or greater self-confidence.

You can decide for yourself, if you want to purchase the movie, but the promo is free, and available here at “On The Road”.

You can also begin to read Joyce Henry’s Blog regarding The Secret at
Joyce Henry Dot Com

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  1. insider says:

    Found the official site at
    Watching it now. As you say, doesn’t appear to be anything “new” for those who have been in the field for a while, but it’s a nice presentation. It was also apparently made in conjunction with the Nine Network in Australia, a major free-to-air television station. If it gets played on free-to-air this would be brilliant marketing for networkers.

    The Truth About Quixtar

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