Shrimp, Shrimp, and Coconut Dave

shrimp-festival-poster-2006Fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, grilled shrimp, barbecue shrimp, coconut shrimp, shrimp bisque…throw in some conch fritters, homemade ice cream, boiled crawdads, crawfish etoufee and some gumbo and you have a small portion of the menu available at Gulf Shores’ 35th Annual Shrimp Festival.

The family and I took a drive down to Gulf Shores today to eat our weight in shrimp and seafood. Of course cold beverages of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic were also plentiful as well as some awesome music.

The wife and I listened and danced to some good bands at the Children’s Miracle Network stage and we sang along with the Andy Smith Band at the Re/Max stage.

And a trip over to the Pink Pony Pub to cool off was also in order.

But, On The Road With Dave would be doing a great disservice to “The Dave’s” out there if I didn’t mention my favorite performer of the festival, “Coconut Dave.”

Seriously…what seafood festival and day at the beach under clear skies and a cool breeze would be complete without the sounds from a steel drum band?

Okay, not a band exactly, but a one-man show from David “Coconut Dave” Waugh is a pretty good facsimile with all the island sounds, original tunes, and the hit “cover songs” from the likes of Buffet, Marley, James Taylor and Bertie Higgins.

coconutdaveWaugh describes his eclectic playlist as Caribbean classics, Latin, reggae, pop, jazz and country all with the steel drum sound.

I talked with Coconut Dave between a couple of songs and told him, he deserved a mention at my blog, so guys, go check him out. I walked away with his two-CD special he was promoting.

“Walked away” might be an exaggeration, I think I “waddled” away. I mean, I was really full from all that shrimp.

UPDATE: 4/29/15 I learned recently that David Waugh passed away in October of 2010. He will be missed. Mentions of Dave still exist in Google searches. His original website is no longer archived. A link to some of his music is included in the link attached to his name in the blog posting.

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