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Last month I asked a couple of questions about Internet MLM Guru’s; like for instance, do they do what they preach?

I haven’t spent any money on these gurus yet, But I did visit a few websites and signed up for their free email newsletters.

Most of these websites offer a continuing series of emails that arrive almost daily, sometimes twice daily, touting not only the guru’s current e-course, but also the latest, greatest new course that they are working on.

Interspersed in the copy of the emails are short ads for the current course or a link to an affiliate associate’s course on a related topic.

But, if you wade through all that, you can pick up a few tidbits of actual advice and, on most days, a bit of motivation.

Currently, I have enrolled in 4 email newsletters.

The first two deal with a comedy stand-up business course and another entertainer course.

But the next two deal with Multi-level Marketing.

The first is from Daegan Smith, owner of the Internet MLM Success site. Mr. Smith appears to have had some experience with MLM, and frankly, I like what he says in most of his articles. Daegan also has among his website corral, a blog called the Ultimate MLM Blog.

I’m enjoying his emails, but still haven’t decided to plunk down any money. (most of these courses are available for $97.00…this price seems to be the Internet equivalent of those $19.95 TV offers…almost all the course are $97 or $197 in price.)

The second guru is a recent find of mine, thanks to one of those comedy emails I’m receiving. This guru is all about list-building…address list building.

His name is Tellman Knudson, and he runs the website, My First List, as well as the Tellman’s List Building Blog.

The reason that the comedy email recommended Tellman Knudson was his video promo on listbuilding that Knudson uploaded to YouTube. Think of it as an internet 2-minute infomercial.

Tellman wants to teach people how to “eat Frito’s, drink Pepsi, and play video games” AND “make money.” I prefer Dr. Pepper, but I love Frito’s.

Again, I’m enjoying the emails, but I can’t seem to turn loose any cash to these guys yet.

Maybe, I’m being too skeptical but I’m going to consider some of these e-courses as I read their daily emails and I may sign up for a few more of these absolutely-free- with-no-obligation-email-newsletters up until year’s end.

I’ll let you know if I “too can become an Internet guru and make ton’s of money”

As always, I welcome comments on Guru’s you use, Guru news, and new Guru’s.


UPDATE JUNE 2016: Ultimate MLM Blog is no longer available on the Internet and is not Archived.

“MLM Mondays” is featured every week on (what else?) Monday; and offers information, advice and tips on operating an MLM-affiliated business. On The Road With Dave does not guarantee any results from the information, but offers it as opinion.

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4 Responses to More on Gurus / “MLM Mondays”

  1. MLMInformer says:


    I have ordered Daegan’s $97 ebook. It’s ok information, but uses it to promote his MLM program also. Very good information to promote online.

    Another MLM guru you might want to look into is from Mike Dillard from He offers a free 10 day bootcamp on promoting your MLM online. I have also ordered his MLM sponsoring ebook and have a copy of his $500 MLM Traffic Formula course. Very good information and highly advanced traffic secrets.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Dave Iv’e been getting stuff from Neil Waterhuose but haven’t really been paying much attention to it. Do you know anything about his “great deal”? GAE

  3. I haven’t heard of Neil Waterhouse, but that means little.

    Send me a link to his site.


  4. Charles T. says:

    Just came across your site and thought you might enjoy our mlm training course. While I certainly do not consider myself a guru I do have quite a bit of experience in the MLM industry and after retirement started an organizaton called Vision Group Worldwide.

    I must warn you however if you are looking to buy a course you’ll be dissapointed nothing is for sale here in the way of training. Our training course if free of charge, I do this simply cause I enjoy it. Also, we do not do any training by email everything is done via pre-recorded telephone bridge lines, seems to me to be more effective and cuts down on security issues. The course is designed for beginners as an introduction to the industry in general and does not promote any specific company or comp plan.

    We currently offer 7 complete trainings which vary in length from around 10 minutes to around 30 the topics are… 7 keys to success, Comprehending Compensation, Identifying Target Markets, Market Development, The Art of Closing, Structural Organization, System Integration, and the most recent Effective Communication which is designed to introduce people to the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

    I know this probably sounds like a commercial, not really intended to be, just thought you might appreciate what we have to offer. I’d love to here back from you and see what you thought, If you check out the course you can email me back at

    To check it out go to and click on join 4 free, once enrolled you’ll be redirected to a members only site once there click the tab that says training access. It’s free, and 100% generic as my only active involvement in the industry is as a consultant, I do not have a company to promote so no worries there.

    Also our members can receive free privately branded bridge lines at no cost by request, if you’d like one just email me once you’ve joined. These bridge lines are much more professional since they promote your team instead of some conference call company.

    Let me know what you think, and please keep in mind the site is a temporary one as I am currently accepting applications for webmasters.


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