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I’ve been a bit “blog-blocked” for the past few days. I have a collection of 5 or 6 half-written entries that seemed to remain half-written no matter how long I stare at them.

But today, I said to myself, “Dave, you MUST print something, you MUST break this inertia!”

Well, dang if ole Dave didn’t pull through; only not Dave Robison, but Dave Stone at MLM Today.

He has published an entry called “The Greatests in MLM”, that is well, for a lack of a better word; Great.

“I have reveled in great feelings of achievement for others in my business that are accomplishing major breakthroughs. I have sunk into great feelings of disappointment when others in my business have vanished.

I have listened with great respect and attentiveness to others express their vision for their future. I have listened with great skepticism to others that have tried to convince me by saying things they think I want to hear.”

Go Read the entire entry, and Dave…Stone, that is; thanks for helping me break that inertia. You’re the Greatest!

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