Yesterday, at around 1:00pm, my daughter smelled smoke in her house. At first, she thought someone was burning leaves or trash next door, but when she checked through the house a second time, there were flames outside at one corner of her house.

She grabbed the baby, and escaped the house with just the clothes on her back. (No Shoes)

She ran to a neighbors house to call 911, and then stood to watch her house burn down.

Fire responders were there in about 5 minutes, but the fire quickly spread.

They lost everything. Furniture was reduced to ash. (No exaggeration)

The baby’s new nursery and all the new baby stuff…gone.


Their automobile…parked by the house…exploded.

One pet turtle…gone. The other pet turtle survived.

Pet cat perished.

We spent today visiting local help agencies and the Red Cross, and getting started replacing important papers and identification. We managed to salvage just a few items, heavily smoked damaged and water damaged.

They’ll have to start completely over.

Friends and family are donating clothes and household items for some eventual temporary residence, but their financial situation will be rocky for a while.

I’m a firm believer in receiving positive thoughts, good vibrations, and prayer; if that’s your perogative; and so I’m asking all my readers to send some my daughter’s and her family’s way.



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4 Responses to FIRE!

  1. Ty Tribble says:


    Please send me an email at ty (at)


  2. Anonymous says:


    Sending some stong Minnesota prayers your way. If you need anything, you know my AOL screen name. I would suggest setting up a Paypal “Tip Jar” on your Blog as a fundraiser to help them rebuild. If your willing to set it up, I’ll help spread the word.


  3. insider says:

    Thoughts with your daughter from this side of the planet. Thankfully she noticed it quick enough to get the baby out.

    Stolen car, fried computer, and now a house burning down! Well, on the positive side has to be some material for a comedian in there somewhere … :-/

  4. Erica says:

    I would like to send a thank you to everyone in advance. I’m David’s daughter and anything is appriciated. I’ve posted my webpage, it’s a myspace account, for anyone who would like to see pictures of the baby and my family. There are no pictures of the fire on the site seeing how my digital camera was well burned in the fire (sorry dad had to do it. 😛 ) Again Thank you for your thoughts and generosity.

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