A Message To Quixtar Critics

I ran across this “blast from the past” entry at Quixtar Blog today. I had bookmarked the entry, because not only did I think Qblog had made some valid points and stepped on a few toes; but also because it was interesting to see the comments grow and grow regarding the entry.

“A friend recently asked me if “something snaps in people when they are too negative about Quixtar for too long?” It’s possible. I’ve seen people descend into a black hole of negativity, unable or unwilling to climb out. They refuse to recognize the positive in anything and become blinded to reality. They view the Quixtar debate as divided into two camps — friends and foes. Black and white. Good and bad.

Such behavior is unfortunate. I wish it would stop, but know that it probably won’t. There will always be a few Quixtar critics who are determined to plunge any Quixtar discussion into an old-fashioned pissing match rife with name calling and stereotypes.”


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