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Across the state of Michigan, citizens are viewing a new line of television commercials with the theme, “I am Amway”.

These ads have nothing to do with the recently announced Quixtar advertisng campaign debuting this month.

Speculation has pointed that they DO have something to do with the DeVos For Governor campaign in Michigan.

alticor-media-blog-archive-fantasy-footballAccording to the Alticor Media Blog, they do, in fact, have something to do with the gubernatorial race. They are meant to protect the Amway business name from the associated race:

From an entry dated September 1, 2006:

“Mucho coverage of our announcement yesterday that we are going up statewide in Michigan with TV ads protecting the Amway name, which has become a political football this election season.

Because it is political season, all the furor has quickly gathered around the political questions: “Were you in cahoots with the campaign? Who’s your firm? This is all to help the campaign, right?”

We refer you back to one of our very first posts: We have a business to run. And day after day, we are making business decisions for business reasons.

Democrats work here, Republicans work here. Democrats write this blog, Republicans do. Republicans worked on our commercials, Democrats did….”

“…So, to those who are scrambling to find deeper meanings and darker motives: Here is how we finished up our internal memo to employees announcing the ads yesterday:

These ads are about us and not about any political campaign. The ads do not support any candidate for any office. They explain who we are and what we do and will make you proud to be an employee of the Alticor family of companies. The ads will be shown under the name Amway, our international export brand, because that is the name that the critics have cynically attacked.

We want everyone to do their civic duty and vote for the candidate of their choice, Democrat, Republican or Independent.

Like the man says, “you got a problem with that?”

You can stay tuned for the upcoming Quixtar ads this month appearing NATIONALLY, not just in Michigan, on your local and cable network stations.

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