The Library Doesn’t Like Bloggers

I went to a branch of the Mobile Public Library today to try and post an entry at my blog.

I was greeted with a screen on their computer that says that weblogs and personal pages are blocked. I could not even READ blogs that had a “blogspot” extension in their URL address. The same goes for MySpace and Typepad extensions.

I asked the librarian why this was; and she informed me that “kids come up here and spend all day on MySpace”. She did offer to override the block for me, (since I appeared un-kid-like), but I told her not to go to the trouble.

So, I went back to the computer terminal and tried to check my email accounts, and was informed by the screen that “web-based email has been blocked”.

I went back to the librarian’s desk and told her that I could not access my email. She informed me that “we can’t let people check their email, cause we have too many people like salesmen on the road who check their email and aren’t official library patrons.” It takes away computer time for people doing actual library-type internet work.

She again offered to “override” the block, but by then I was ready to check out my books and leave.

Well folks, I just wanted you to know that I have driven all the way down to my office and now am posting this little entry on my employer’s computer and internet connection, to let you know that my computer problems are being fixed.

I took “ye olde computing machine” to the shop yesterday, and my initial diagnosis of a power supply problem was confirmed. Also, upon further examination, it was revealed that whatever “fried” the power supply, also took out some components on my motherboard. (A motherboard, whose replacement; I was also informed, does not exist anymore.)

Thus, Monday I will own a rebuilt tower, for a mere 100 bucks; that will take me from the realm of Window’s XP to Windows 2000 AND increase my gigabytes from the measly 7 or 8 that I had, up to a respectable 20 Gig hard drive. PLUS the “computer guy” promised to include my old hard drive into the tower as a “slave” so I can still access my Word documents and photos I have saved.

I have already found my “Sunday Thoughts” quote for tomorrow and have put it into “draft” mode and if I can log in to the internet somewhere tomorrow, I will publish it on schedule.

My traffic to “On The Road” has dropped a bit, due to my lack of updates this week, but it appears all will be back to normal by Tuesday. Hang in there with me.

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