Quixtar Facts: New Look

FACT: Quixtar was the partial inspiration for the “best” blog on MLM Marketing available on the Internet.

FACT: Quixtar is responsible for tens of tens people visiting the “best” MLM Marketing blog available on the Internet.

FACT: Quixtar is the sole choice of the author of the “best” blog on MLM Marketing available on the Internet.

FACT: The preceding facts are no where to be found on the new revised website,

BUT, there is plenty of information and facts available at the new website, punctuated with disclaimer statements, advisements, and disclosures.

For example in the “Culture” section; Quixtar takes a crack at “cult allegations” pertaining to Quixtar IBOs.

Quixtar also offers an acknowledgement of the usefulness of Business Support Materials at the newly revised website. In addition, they disclose the fact that profit is inherent for those IBOs selling these materials, and they finish with a cursory advisement for determining your own level of comfort in investing in these materials.

I found the section a bit weak, in addressing the criticism of these “systems” materials, but was happy to see the advisement on investment in the Business Support Materials section.

“The Quixtar opportunity is available to virtually anybody, so there are many IBOs who do not have a business background or training. Business Support Materials, along with the mentoring and personal involvement that is so much a part of IBO organizations, can be invaluable to the growth and success of developing Quixtar IBOs. Of course, like any other business expense, IBOs are cautioned to ensure their purchase of such business tools are in line with their business budgets and expectations.”

I would have preferred stronger language, and maybe a reference that even those business expenses may not be necessary to building a Quixtar business.

One part of the new site I specifically like is Quixtar’s apparent new interest in knowing first-hand about IBO wrongdoing. This statement tells new IBOs and onlookers that Quixtar is listening, provided they are told directly about specific personal incidents.

Quixtar also covers the issue of Search Engine Optimization or Marketing, as they refer to it. They offer no apologies to wanting to achieve a #1 position in search engine results, but now admit to using “best practices” to achieve these results.

The new website isn’t going to satisfy everyone’s concern, including some of the IBOs that gained some acceptance on the new site. I still feel stronger statements are needed regarding certain issues; but the site seems to be in line with Quixtar’s new strategy to be “out there” in presenting their message to existing IBOs, prospective recruits, and onlookers and critics of the Quixtar Opportunity.

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3 Responses to Quixtar Facts: New Look

  1. Ty Tribble says:


    1. You know a company has made a wrong turn when the facts site has to discuss whether or not you are a cult.

    2. You need to update your blog feed. I can not subscribe to your site, the current feed sends me back to your old blogger site.

    Feedburner maybe?

  2. Howdy Ty,

    Or…you could say, you know a company has made a right turn, when it starts to finally accept long standing criticism and at least tries to address the issue.

    I’m not sure what is wrong with my blog feed, but I promise to check it out as soon as I can.


  3. Blog Feed should be fixed now.


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