“New” Old Computer

(interior room; evening)

Dave breathes a sigh of relief as the computer boots up.

That’s right friends, I am now online with my “new” old computer.

As you might recall, my old computer with Microsoft XP, complete with my old version of AOL, as well as ALL my old Microsoft Word documents,(including “On The Road” drafts) died a quick death last week.

Semi-luckily, I live close(across the street) to a computer repair and sales shop.

They were able to assess the situation and tell me that I was in need of a new computer. They would upgrade me to a refurbished Windows 2000 system in a Dell Tower with a CD burner and 20 gigs on the hard drive, (more than 3 times what I originally had) and they could install my OLD hard drive as a “slave” into the new tower so I could access my documents; as well as my beloved “Spider Solitaire”.

How much?

A mere $135.00 bucks. Not Bad.

So, thanks to CBS Computers, I now am online in my own home and not grabbing time at work to check my mounting email, and I’m able to post to “ye olde blog”.

A few problems, however.

1. I had to install a new version of AOL, instead of the version I was comfortable with. This means I no longer have all the reference email I had saved to my AOL filing cabinet readily available.

2. Windows 2000 can not read my Word97 documents as they originally were. It converts them to WordPad(which I hate). And Word97 won’t load on Windows 2000; which means I’ll be shopping for a new version of Word software.

BUT, I couldn’t have asked for nicer customer service from CBS Computers. The father-son team of Pat and Mike (I’m not kidding) were attentive,helpful and sympathetic to the plight of this blogger and his fear of the “Technologically New”.

All for what I considered a decent price.

If you are a Lower Alabama Resident in the Mobile, Alabama vicinity, you should consider shopping at CBS Computers for New, Used, and Re-conditioned Computers, Laptops, and Accessories. (There you are guys, I promised a plug.)

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