Electric Boo-Boo

Wasn’t there a song called Electric Boogaloo?

If I recall, it was a song of excitement and happiness.

But, an electric boo-boo is what my computer experienced last night. It appears that I have a “short” somewhere. (please, no jokes filled with sexual innuendo or directed at my virility)

Anyway, the old XP made a funny noise, the mouse went haywire and it clicked off. Once it went off, it won’t come back on. No power.

So, I’ll be taking the box to the shop this weekend, and I’ll update you when I can.(That means using the computer at work, when they don’t have me running in 10 different directions like I’ve done all week)

But keep checking back, I don’t want to lose that awesome Alexa ranking that has been building.

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