Dave Goes “Urban”

For the last month or so, as I drive around and listen to the radio, I have stopped the “Scan” function on my radio to more and more urban and R&B stations.

I’ve always been a fan of R&B, but mostly I listened to the “old school” artists.

But, my tastes in music has always been eclectic. I can listen to old time rock and roll, country, classical, and much to my wife’s disdain, even disco. (Hey, cut me some slack..I grew up in the late 70s and early 80s!)

I even surprised my kids a few years back when they caught me singing, “I’m gonna lose my mind, up in here” and couldn’t believe I knew the song. But, I had grown tired of the latest rounds of “rap music”, so I had been avoiding the “urban” stations.

But lately, I have rediscovered some great music and “talk” on Mobile, Alabama’s two R&B and Urban stations.

The first station is WBLX, 93BLX The Big Station.

You may recognize BLX, if you’ve had the chance to hear “Inetta The Moodsetta” on-air resignation. It’s being played on morning radio shows of multi-formats all across the country, as well as the Internet. I was lucky enough to hear the resignation when it happened.

If you’ve ever wanted to quit your job with a flourish, you need to take a lesson from Inetta.

American Rhetoric: Inetta the Moodsetta – On-Air Resignation from WBLX Radio in Mobile Alabama

Full test and audio mp3 of Inetta Moodsetta’s On-Air Resigns from WBLX

“I Quit This…”

The second station I’ve been listening to is WDLT.

DLT is now my favorite station in the afternoon, for one reason.

Michael Baisden.

Michael Baisden hosts the syndicated “Love, Lust and Lies”, an afternoon talk and call-in show with “old school” R&B thrown in.

He proclaims the show, “Grown Folks Radio” and discusses some interesting topics and has a great call-in audience. While his show is targeted to a black and Latino audience, he likes his “white folks listeners” as well. Thanks Michael, cause I’d be listening whether you liked it or not.

This week there were shows about plastic surgery, black men changing their preferences from “booty to boobs”; teaching black kids to speak “white”; and the dangers of “short engagements”. It’s definitely a “mix” and you’ll always find a topic you can relate to.

Michael has his shows available at his website.

It’s unlikely you’ll hear me singing a rap song, the next time I go to a Karaoke club, but you are likely to hear a tad more bass coming out of my speakers in my car, and you’ll probably see me singing along to something that isn’t played on any “easy listening” station.

Don’t worry, my kids say it’s just a phase I’m going through.

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