Back Stage Secrets Of The Amway Empire Revealed! / “MLM Mondays”

(Dave’s note: In light of tomorrow’s date, I’m posting a short blurb from
MLM Universe one day early for this weeks edition of “MLM Mondays”)

“More “plans” or presentations were made last night on behalf of the Amway corporation than any other Network Marketing program in the country. Here’s their secret:

–Massive exposure through Massive Action.

Hey, want to know why your banker joined Amway before he joined your deal? They showed him the plan before you did! While you were stammering around and fumbling through your script, someone from Amway got on the phone one night and simply asked the guy was he happy with what he was doing and was he open to other opportunities…”

Read More of Robert Blackman:

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4 Responses to Back Stage Secrets Of The Amway Empire Revealed! / “MLM Mondays”

  1. insider says:

    Oh good grief. “Back stage” Secrets?? This stuff is published in our “owners manual” which we strongly recommend all new IBOs buy! We lend that to prospects if they want, and we often even use the figures when showing the plan!

    And this was “back-stage secrets” when this dude was in Amway? I really do wonder how some folk run this business … :-/

  2. Hey Insider,

    I think the word “secret” was more tongue-in-cheek. The advice and tracking info Blackman gives is good stuff.

    maybe it’s obvious to you, but most MLM advice is sort of obvious. The trick is getting yourself and your downline to implement it.


  3. Anonymous says:


    I have alot of respect for MR Blackman. I’ve ordered his training, even some of his leads. He’s most willing to take time out of his day to answer any questions people have. Most people at the Diamond level and above won’t take the time to call their people. He understands how this business works, and make it work for you.
    He’s one of my most recommended trainers.


  4. insider says:

    Rereading with some more sleep, I see what you mean about “back stage”. I probably went straight to that article after dealing with some of the knuckleheads on QBlog forums and let some irritation cloud my reading :-). The stats that he is talking about are integral to building a successful network (or, i think, any sales business), but they’re also the kind of statistics that the “critics” on Qblog forum refuse to acknowledge. As he says, they’re based on organisations of hundreds of thousands of people. I’m a stats junkie myself and I just love this stuff.

    But as you say, or to quote John Maxwell, the greatest gap in life is the gap between knowing and doing!

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