Quixtar Announces Advertising Campaign


Ads to run on TV and in newspapers, magazines

A multimillion-dollar campaign for Quixtar will soon blanket the U.S. and Canada with print and TV ads.

The goal of this expansive ad program is to generate excitement and pride in the Quixtar business opportunity and in the Nutrilite® brand. By creating and running its own ads, Quixtar will no longer allow its critics to define this business. Instead, Quixtar will tell its own story, in its own words, and on its own terms.

The campaign will kick off in late September with full-page newspaper ads in USA Today that address Quixtar’s foundations and the success of Alticor, its parent company. The ads will be followed by a three-month campaign blitz for Nutrilite in Newsweek magazine, beginning in October.

During the last week of September, TV spots for Quixtar and Nutrilite will begin airing on CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox, as well as on cable networks like The Learning Channel (TLC) and FoodTV. The ads are also slated to appear on shows like the “Country Music Awards,” “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,” “Sunday Night Football on NBC,” “Trading Spaces,” and “30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray.”

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7 Responses to Quixtar Announces Advertising Campaign

  1. rara says:

    I think it’s a good idea, because in spite of nutrilite and artistry supposedly being tops in the world, neither I or anyone else I knew (except for one person) had heard of either product. I’m no MBA, not by a long shot, but it would seem that brand recognition is very important because people want to buy what they are familiar with. This may make retail sales easier for IBOs.

    But a question remains. Quixtar and IBOs claimed that they were able to pay IBOs a commission because they did not rely on traditional advertising, and thus avoided those costs. So are they going to reduce commissions, raise prices, or both?

  2. Christian says:

    It doesn’t seem like they’ll do any of that. The new bonuses this next fiscal year has gotten very lucrative. The bonuses are focused on new and requalifiying Platinums. This will definitely fire up some Platinums to focus on restructuring their groups and getting them down in their groups to grow. Quixtar is throwing out the gaunlet on this one with the new bonuses, new products, and now mass advertising campaign. It seems that Quixtar is pulling money out of their own pockets for this.

    I could be wrong, but I haven’t received anything from Quixtar headquarters regarding price changes or reduced commissions.

  3. insider says:

    Rara asks – “Are they are they going to reduce commissions, raise prices, or both?”

    Rara, do you actually think, despite the DeVos and Van Andel families being some of the richest in the world, that Alticor doesn’t make any money and has no discretionary budget?
    The Truth About Amway and Quixtar

  4. insider says:

    ps Dave, I pull down blog feeds on to my site. I’ve actually frontpaged this one of yours, the feed take the first few hundred characters, to read more they still need to come vist you. Hope you don’t mind?

  5. Howdy Insider,

    Feel free to link or run a blog feed.

    And stop by anytime.


  6. Rara,

    I think that raising prices or reducing commissions won’t be necessary.

    I’m no MBA either, but it makes sense to me that any expenditure in this advertising campaign would be offset by an increase in sales per IBO, which seems to be a new focus for Alticor.

    Increase volume of sales, increase profit per IBO, means increased revenue for Alticor.

    At least thats the way an advertising campaign should work.


  7. Joseph Andrew says:

    We know that the ad campaign will give well deserved credibility to Quixtar/Amway Global that America will be proud of. Everyone will want to be involved, because it helps people create a better future than what the economy is offering otherwise. We have purchase power in America, let’s use it to our advantage. http://www.YourPurchasePower.com

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