Quixtar Accreditation…I Meet The Criteria

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Quixtar-affiliated Independent Business Owners(IBOs) should read the Quixtar Blog. Yes, it’s a website that is critical of Quixtar; but more times than not it releases news about the Quixtar Corporation before any one else.

Case in point: Tuesday’s entry entitled “Quixtar Accreditation”.

I’ll let you read the article, but it announces the introduction of Quixtar’s new Quixtar Accreditation website.

The new accreditation program is open for ALL North American Quixtar Diamonds(a high level distributor). The program sets parameters for these IBOs to follow if they operate a “motivational and educational materials” business separate and apart from their Quixtar business.

These Diamonds can continue to operate these “motivational organizations” as they have always done, or they can make changes to some of their practices and achieved Quixtar approval or Quixtar Accreditation.

Only one organization has achieved this status so far; a relatively new group called E-finity. This group offers educational and training programs starting at $19.95 a month. Still too much in my book. I still believe training should be free.

Quixtar sums up the program’s criteria by saying the program is “Focus on business. Follow the Golden Rule.”

But the details involve forbidding such things as:

Statements that indicate an IBO must be of a certain religious belief or doctrine if he is going to succeed in this business.

Disparaging remarks about any religious beliefs.

Personal expressions of religious beliefs in a business meeting that are not
connected to the speaker’s perspective on his own business experience.

Excessive reference to or reading from religious writings in a business meeting.

Endorsement or denouncement of specific candidates, political parties, and/or issues, unless specifically related to the operation of independent Quixtar-powered businesses.

Inflammatory labels or personal attacks on the character or integrity of government officials or candidates.

Demeaning statements regarding personal lifestyle, ethnicity, or the societal roles of males and/or females.

References to the abortion issue outside of worship services.

The program also requires an open disclosure to the fact that monies will be earned by these “motivational organizations” by selling to new IBOs. Income claims made by these organization leaders must now clarify that certain lifestyle examples such as homes, cars, etc came from his Quixtar income or other income such as motivational material sales.

Most importantly, (to me) is that a requirement is made that in presenting the business opportunity, there shall be a clear recognition that QUIXTAR is the business opportunity being presented. IBOs can not skirt around the issue saying that the motivational business name or distributor business name is the opportunity; nor can they use the Alticor Corporation or Access Business Group(Parent corporation and manufacturing division) name as a deflection from mentioning Quixtar.

Also, the importance of Quixtar Corporation must be presented factually and not diminished. I see a falling away of the old line, “Quixtar is JUST our supplier”. I hated that.

Basically, meeting this new program’s criteria is an enforcement of Rules of Conduct and Best Practices that has been in place for years.

If a Diamond were to follow the Rules set forth by Quixtar and Amway in the Business Compendium; accreditation would be a cinch.

If I were a Diamond, I have no doubt I would be accredited.

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