Karma Stole Ma Car

1995 Buick Century 4-Door
Blue/Blue Cloth Interior
Cruise Control
Runs Good
Passenger floor must be littered with empty Dr.Pepper bottles and crushed Marlboro boxes.
Would prefer a small cigarette burn on edge of driver’s seat.

Why do I want a car like this?

Well, up until sometime between 8am and 10am this morning, I owned that very car.

At some point in those two hours, someone decided that they, too, would like to own that car. So, they drove away with it.

I firmly believe in the adage, “what goes around, comes around” and I think that I try to put out “good stuff” that will multiply back to me. I, also, admit that I have done things in the past that have come back to bite me; but gee whiz, what the heck did I do to get this kind of karma?

You don’t think that The Mafia still dabbles in casino management do you?

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2 Responses to Karma Stole Ma Car

  1. Anonymous says:


    If it was the mafia, you and skylar would have been wacked and stuffed in the trunk along with the car being stolen…

    Bottom line is that Imerial Palace still SUCKS!


  2. insider says:

    Ya shouldn’t have gone over to the dark side, Dave! Karma got ya! 😉

    ps. quit smoking!

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