I Got My “Car-ma” Back!

Okay folks, karma gives, karma takes away, and karma gives again.

This morning, a co-worker of mine, on her way to work spied what appeared to be my stolen car sitting in the parking lot of a apartment building just a scant 6 blocks from my place of employment.

We borrowed a car and decided to go investigate.

Sure enough, it was my old, yet strikingly handsome, Buick Century. We called Mobile’s Finest.

A “gentleman” had the trunk open and was removing bags of clothing. We circled the parking lot and he decided to go up to his apartment.

We stopped the car and got out.

Well, what do you know? He left the keys in the car. We reached in the car window, (rolled down) being careful not to touch anything, and snatched the keys.

The “gentleman” came back out of the apartment with his spouse and/or girlfriend and casually asked, “That’s ya’lls car, ain’t it?”

We said, “Yes.”

The “gentleman’s” significant other slapped him and screamed, “I told you THAT car must be stolen!”

He begins to tell us the that a “friend of his” living at the Budget Inn had offered him the car, so he could move into this apartment. He was suspicious, but needed the car to move, so accepted the offer.

He told us the room number of the “friend” and was very calm and collected when the Police arrived. He even offered to take the Police to the motel to “roll on the friend”.

The Police searched the car, removed a gym bag containing clothing bathed in the scent of an illegal substance, commonly smoked in little glass tubes, and asked the gentleman to sit in their air conditioned automobile.

Our car, had had its hubcaps removed, a lug nut was missing, and the thief had removed all my change from the ashtray. (Probably about 6 or 7 dollars in quarters) Our license plate had been replaced with another plate. The thief had also removed bumper stickers my son had placed on our car.

The good news was the thief must have been overcome with guilt when he stole the car only 1/4 full of gasoline, and replaced it with a FULL tank.

The Police released the car to us and we returned to work after filling out some paperwork and promising to show up at court, coiffed and ready to testify as victims of the crime.

The Detective called us later on in the afternoon to say that the “friend” at the Budget Inn denied the charges, but the “gentleman” at the apartment had a long list of previous charges related to receiving stolen property.

So, my car was stolen, not for it’s parts, not for it’s intrinsic value, but simply because somebody needed to move a “few things” from one apartment to another.

Hey guys! Next Time Rent A Damn U-Haul!!

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3 Responses to I Got My “Car-ma” Back!

  1. Anonymous says:


    I thought it might have been appearing in the next episode of “Overhaulin” with Chip Foose, but I guess that isn’t the case, and it wasn’t blinged out when you got it back.

    Roll of quarters huh? Perhaps the ones from Imerial Palace? LOL!


  2. rara says:

    6 or 7 dollars in quarters stolen. Ouch.

    A full tank of gas – priceless.

    I’m really glad you got your car back.

  3. kathleen says:

    Can’t think of anything witty or karma-ish, so I’ll just say “woo hoo!” May it last you many more!

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