FTC Business Opportunity Rule Update

I’ve got some news on the FTC’s Proposed Business Opportunity Rule, but first I thought I’d give you an idea of how I found this particular update.

First, I was at MLM Today reading Dave Stone’s reference to an article on the quality and research that goes into MLM nutritional products.

This link led me to the website of Direct Selling News.

Thanks Dave Stone, for leading me to this site. DSN offers some great articles on the Direct Selling industry, informative company profiles, and some good sales techniques.

After browsing the site for a half hour or so; and increasing the number of articles to my “Favorites” list, I found an article from Joseph N. Mariano, Direct Selling Association Executive Vice President and COO.

From The Article:

DSA member companies have also worked diligently and thoughtfully to craft appropriate responses to the Rule, while also reaching out to their salesforce, political contacts and other allies. Additionally, DSA and several member companies have retained counsel whose attorneys consist of former FTC staff and/or Commissioners. Moreover, DSA and several member companies have met one-on-one with FTC officials to discuss the potentially devastating impact of the Rule and possible alternatives. The dialogues have been very productive; the Commission recognizes the impact on direct selling and is willing to work with us in achieving their goals while preserving the industry.

So what is the status thus far? As you may remember, initial comments to the Rule were due on July 17 and the current deadline for rebuttal comments is August 7. The FTC has recently informed us that they have received more than 17,000 comments regarding the Rule. Our initial review of a sample of these responses reveals an overwhelming concern over the impact on direct sellers in particular. We believe this is a great achievement and thank everyone who took the time to submit comments.

Due to this overwhelming number of responses, however, DSA has officially requested a time extension for rebuttal submissions. This will allow the FTC to fully process the information while permitting interested parties to review and respond to the comments.

17,000 COMMENTS! That’s a lot, but still a pittance when you compare it to the number of people who make claims they operate a Direct Sales-related company.

A lot like voters in the US. Millions more register, than ever exercise the right to vote.

Anyway, my points today are; you can find more information than you were looking for, if you take the time to click on a few links in an article you are already reading.

And…Dave Stone is always a good place to already be reading something.

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One Response to FTC Business Opportunity Rule Update

  1. insider says:

    I did a search on the FTC site for “Quixtar” and found an absolute treasure trove of posts. Too often on the ‘net we’re swamped with the stories of folks bad experiences, and you have to go listen to tapes or borrow “Profiles of Success” (does anyone still use that?).

    I’ve gone through some 150 of the FTC posts so far and only 3 have been negative to Quixtar, the rest positive. I’m collating some of the best of them on my site under Testimonials about Amway and Quixtar – it’s an inspiring read!

    The Truth About Amway and Quixtar and Network Marketing

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