A Great “Escape”

Take a good look at the “Links I Like” section in this blog’s sidebar. You’ll notice that a new link has been added.

Since 1996, Pamela Slim has been working with hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs to help them find and do their best work. Her corporate clients include Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, Charles Schwab, Sun Microsystems and Fireman’s Fund Insurance. But her drive, “her Ganas”; is to help those interested in running a business of their own. From transition from the corporate life to the entrepreneurial life.

Pam runs Ganas Consulting in Mesa, Arizona and she has a great blog called,

Escape From Cubicle Nation.

“Escape”‘s description is “How to go from corporate prisoner to thriving entrepreneur”

MLMers will like the upbeat, motivational tone of the blog. But really, anyone that has a desire to run a business of their own could benefit from the blog. (From what I have read so far)

Two of my favorite posts thus far are:

“How to have the “I want to quit my job” conversation with your spouse.”

“How do you introduce yourself?”

The latter being my favorite.

Pam also is working on a book, (What blogger isn’t?) with the same title as the blog.

“But Dave, is there a “shmaltz factor” at this new link?”

Yes, indeedy there is, and it’s pretty good as flash presentations go. It’s also brand-spanking new. It’s my guess that “My Declaration of Independence” will be the “most emailed link” among the “home business” sector in a matter of weeks.

Wander over to “Escape”, I’ll be paying it a regular visit.

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