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So you’re the perfect sponsor. You praise the “go-getters”; you encourage the insecure, and you motivate your entire team to stretch and grow to become the best they can possibly be. You are the dream-master.

But today, one of your distributors calls you up and says,

“Dave, man, this just isn’t working out, I can’t do it, I want a refund, I quit.


“Dave, dude, I know I can do MLM, but NOT with you,
I’m joining “CheeseWheels ‘R’ Us”.

Okay, I believe any self-respecting MLMer is gonna try and convince the distributor to stick it out, persevere, hang in there.

“C’mon Lisa, nobody is giving ‘Cheesewheels’ any chance of being around six months from now”.

But, according to a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics; “baby boomers” held on average 10.2 jobs between the ages of 18 and 38–and I have no doubt that quite a few MLMers go through just as many “biz-ops”; so it’s likely there will come a time when you are going to have someone walk out on you.

What do you do?

Well, if you consider your MLM Business a true business, then you must stop them before they walk out the door, and ask would they consent to an “exit interview.”

An “exit interview”, according to Candidate Resources, Inc., “is a tool that provides an organization’s management with valuable information regarding the organization’s employment and worklife. Employees leaving the organization’s employment are asked to provide their opinions regarding employment with the organization relative to expectations, desires, changes and improvements to be made etc.”

And while your sponsored distributors are not employees, you do perform a management duty to your downline; and their opinions, expectations, and performance affect your business. Furthermore, if they leave unhappy, you need to know why and what needs to be done to improve. If they leave with a positive impression, all the better, but their leaving will have ripple effects on your business and you need to be prepared.

Below is my rendition of an “exit interview” designed for an MLM business.


Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to work with you through (name of company.) It is the goal of our team/organization/group to provide all distributors with an enjoyable business experience, in which everyone is a valued member of a quality organization. The purpose of this exit interview questionnaire is to give you the opportunity to talk about your experience with (name of company/team). Your responses will assist us in our continuing efforts to improve this business opportunity. All responses are voluntary, but your comments are much appreciated.

Immediate Sponsor

Date Sponsored
Date of Separation

Another MLM Company
Regular Employment Conflicts
Unsatisfactory Income
Hours of Work Unsatisfactory
Family Conflicts

1. What are your reasons for leaving? And, what prompted you to leave now?

2. What was the most enjoyable part of representing this company?

3. What was the least enjoyable part of representing this company?

4. Was this business opportunity what you expected? Please explain.

5. Would you have made any changes to the way your business operated? If yes, please describe.

6. Would you ever consider representing this company again? If not, please explain.

7. What did you like most about this company? And, what did you like least about this company?

8. Would you still recommend this business opportunity or team and our products in the future

9. As a new distributor, was your training helpful for what you were actually doing six months later? If not, please explain.

10. What could have been done to prevent you from leaving?

11. What was the quality of supervision you received? Good? Fair? Poor? What could your sponsor or team do to improve his/her management style?
Communicate? Motivate? Facilitate? Recognize? Other? Please explain

12. What does your new company offer that this company does not offer?

13. What points would you make if you could tell your entire upline how you feel about this company?

Responsible MLM sponsors can use a similar “exit interview” to improve their recruitment and retention practices. Similarly, questions such as these could be targeted at inactive clients to improve repeat sales or jump-start stalled sales.

For more information about exit interviews, I highly recommend Candidate Resources, Inc.

For tips on management for the rest of us, I also recommend Lyndsay Swinton’s website called…wait for it…Management For The Rest of Us, which was the inspiration for today’s article. MFTROU is for people who are new to management or need to fine tune existing skills. I’d say we all could use fine tuning.

Here’s wishing we all attain a 100% retention rate, but if that fails and “Cheesewheels R Us” experiences phenomenal and explosive growth, be prepared with an exit interview for your distributors who are “jumping on the wheel”. It might be an exit with an open door for their return.

This is Dave saying, “Good Evening and exit stage left…even.”

“MLM Mondays” is featured every week on (what else?) Monday SOMETIMES TUESDAY; and offers information, advice and tips on operating an MLM-affiliated business. On The Road With Dave does not guarantee any results from the information, but offers it as opinion.

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5 Responses to The MLM Exit Interview / MLM Mondays

  1. rara says:

    Great post and great suggestion, Dave. That would probably lead to higher retention and greater success for the IBOs involved

  2. Tom says:

    Although I know your intent is good, it looks a little too corporate for my taste. And, I do question the claim that ‘you do perform a management duty to your downline.’

    When asked I sometimes do act as a consultant, but never as a manager. I’d add I’m not looking for management from my upline.

  3. Hey Tom,

    Yeah, my rendition comes from a corporate template, but each distributor could adjust the questions to their own liking. I admit that I am more casual and the “interview” should be conversational if done in person.


  4. MLMInformer says:


    I am wondering, is this “exit interview” part of your Quit Date that you’ve set? It does almost seem to be hinting toward the quit date, but I have no doubt in my mind that you will reach your goals.

    Can you give us any sort of an update on your progress?


  5. Thanks for that perspective, its brilliant.Yes we are thankfully removed from corporate, But as a Leader it does benefit the Downline to gather any and all information to create or correct.

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