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Okay, guys, you know how I am.

If you are a multi-level marker, don’t just read about MLM topics and how to sell MLM products, and how to sponsor MLM partners.

Just like, if you are a comic, don’t just read “industry” sites, and books about performing or how to book performances.

But, in either case, you ARE a marketer and you have to be open to the potential beyond your perceived market. Step outside; expand your horizons.

I’ve been a long time fan of Incentive Magazine.

Their insight into corporate marketing goes way beyond just selling incentives, travel certificates and personalized coffee mugs.

And now they have launched a blog that is offering this insight on a daily basis.

The Daily Perk, as of today, has 2 months worth of blog entries and should take you very little time to get “caught up to speed.”

Welcome to The Daily Perk.

Day in day out the one thing people can count on, in addition to death and taxes, is that someone (or some company) somewhere will try to motivate them to consider a product. Think about it. From toothpaste (buy one get one free) to cars (cash back) incentives are being used.

Even at work, corporations use incentive tools such as cash, merchandise and travel to get people to perform better.
It’s not a bad thing and you can do it too.
Incentives can help people make decisions and can entice them to try harder at work. This blog will show you how it’s done. See how companies use incentives to their advantage (and sometimes miss the mark)….

…The Daily Perk serves as an eye opener to an industry you should know about, understand and use. Our only incentive in getting you to return often is in the quality of the content we provide and we’ll do our best to make it interesting, fun and informative.

To me, that sounds like a pretty good incentive to learn some new things.

UPDATE:  In January of 2009, Daily Perk ceased publishing online.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    I think that’s great advice for learning how to promote Quixtar’s “Gift and Incentive” program.


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