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So, you just joined an MLM company and your friend that accompanied you to the meeting has signed up as a new distributor with you. You are brand new in the business, and you officially have a downline. Congratulations!

You have a list of names of potential prospects already written down and you are ready for your next meeting. What happens if the next person signs on the dotted line, too? You would then have TWO personally sponsored distributors; right?

Not necessarily.

You could…

Sign that newest person under your first sponsored distributor. This would give that person a downline, too. S/he would be so happy! And, think about this…your third person you sponsor could sign up under the second person; giving them a downline, too. That would motivate everyone.

You’ve just stumbled onto the concept of “stacking”.

If you’ve managed to be unlucky enough to join an MLM that has a matrix compensation plan or a binary system; then you may be forced to apply this method of stacking.

Some MLM companies promote stacking as an easy way to wealth without work or risk. The term “Powerline” is often used.

A “powerline” is a line of people who have expressed sincere interest in a home/Internet based business and The Concorde Group that builds one person after the other in a straight line down as they visit the website. The advantage of the powerline is that it begins building your business before you have to spend even one penny.

(Quote taken from a Powerline Builder Site)

One advantage of a powerline is that it promotes a perceived stability in the downline. How can anything be unstable with hundreds in a line; each supporting each other and constantly putting in a new person at the bottom of the chain?

Another advantage is the emotional and motivational appeal to the new distributor who sees almost immediate progress and possible profit as soon as s/he joins.

So, should you “stack the deck”?

My answer…not as a sole means to building your downline.

There’s no need to buy into a powerline builder’s club to build a stable and profitable downline.

Building a “team atmosphere” is still possible.

Suppose your first newly sponsored distributor is an electrical engineer. And let’s say for the sake of the discussion you are a…oh, I don’t know…a ventriloquist slash comedian.

You know the engineer because you were room mates in college. He joins your MLM.

On his list of “prospects” is an Information Technology consultant, who doesn’t get out much, but she is seriously interested in the MLM opportunity.

Back home, on YOUR list of prospects is a Computer Software developer, who helped you design a remote music system that you use in your comedy act. He is also interested in the MLM opportunity.

You could easily introduce “Software guy” to “IT chick” online or in a presentation meeting and suggest that maybe “Guy” sign up under “chick”, because you will be working with both closely, and you think that their respective careers could give them some common ground.

In this scenario, you have helped the electrical engineer sponsor someone and helped him build the “start” of a downline. He can then sponsor someone personally building his “width” and increasing his profit.

His second personally sponsored distributor happens to be a firefighter. The electrical engineer also knows a EMT(ambulance/rescue)worker in the same city as the firefighter. By introducing them, he might be able to persuade the two similar professions to work together on the MLM opportunity.

Sure, this takes more work than signing up for a “stacking system” that automatically “places” people in your downline…but, in my scenario, you have the makings of a diverse team with more connections and more “networking” opportunities.

This scenario also stays within most MLM company rules or guidelines for making “face-to-face” contact with your first-level of sponsored distributors.

By helping your newly sponsored distributor initiate building depth in his downline you also teach him the basics of expanding his “width” as well.

Meanwhile, you are also building your width by presenting the MLM business opportunity to others on your “prospect list”, making new friends, and “networking”.

And as always, by operating your business in an ethical manner; you are “stacking the deck” in your favor.

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2 Responses to Stacking The Deck / “MLM Mondays”

  1. I read somewhere that people with 3 downline simply do not quit their business.

    Whether you stack or not should depend mostly on the type of compensation your company pays you.

    I have a very profitable Oasis business, but I only have 4 legs. I have sponsored over 30 associates and customers, but I have strategically placed people within my group.

    In one month, I placed 5 people in a linear fashion down one leg. The following month that leg tripled in volume.

    Stacking in Quixtar is working very well today because the tools and meeting hawkers get paid for butts in seats, not for profitable IBOs.

  2. Whether you stack or not should depend mostly on the type of compensation your company pays you.

    Some compensation plans depend on stacking, I was exploring the aspects of “stacking” through other compensation plans and using “powerline” clubs or TEAM building as some MLM leaders are promoting.

    Stacking in Quixtar is working very well today because the tools and meeting hawkers get paid for butts in seats, not for profitable IBOs.

    Larsen at identifies a few Quixtar groups practicing “stacking”, but the meeting “hawkers” in ANY MLM have always managed to get “butts in the seat”, no matter what “system” was used.


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