Are You Scobelizing?

Last week, Ty Tribble of Multileveler, wrote an article based on an article from Robert Scoble at Scobleizer.

Ty’s article is good, he disagrees with the Scoble article, and I disagreed with Ty to some extent. I left Ty my comments, feel free to read them at the link.

But, the basis of my entry today is not about the article or articles, but about Robert Scoble’s blog, Scobleizer.

Scoble works for Microsoft and is an A-list corporate blogger and Microsoft’s tech evangelist.

And whether after you read Ty’s article and you disagree with Tribble or Scoble you owe it to yourself to read Scoble’s “Blogging Manifesto”.

The advice is not only for Corporate-based bloggers, but is easily adaptable to any marketing or Public Relations endeavor from running an MLM business to being a self-employed comedian/entertainer.

Get Scobleized.

The Corporate Weblog Manifesto.

Thinking of doing a weblog about your product or your company? Here’s my ideas of things to consider before you start.

1) Tell the truth. The whole truth. Nothing but the truth. If your competitor has a product that’s better than yours, link to it. You might as well. We’ll find it anyway.

2) Post fast on good news or bad. Someone say something bad about your product? Link to it — before the second or third site does — and answer its claims as best you can. Same if something good comes out about you. It’s all about building long-term trust. The trick to building trust is to show up! If people are saying things about your product and you don’t answer them, that distrust builds. Plus, if people are saying good things about your product, why not help Google find those pages as well?

3) Use a human voice. Don’t get corporate lawyers and PR professionals to cleanse your speech. We can tell, believe me. Plus, you’ll be too slow. If you’re the last one to post, the joke is on you!

4) Make sure you support the latest software/web/human standards. If you don’t know what the W3C is, find out. If you don’t know what RSS feeds are, find out. If you don’t know what is, find out. If you don’t know how Google works, find out.

5) Have a thick skin. Even if you have Bill Gates’ favorite product people will say bad things about it. That’s part of the process. Don’t try to write a corporate weblog unless you can answer all questions — good and bad — professionally, quickly, and nicely.


UPDATE: November 2015; Multileveler is only available on the Internet Archive. Ty Tribble’s original article is not archived.

Robert Scoble now blogs at Augment Your Life.

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