Lately, I have been visiting the World of Amway via the Internet; researching and learning about how Amway Corporation presents itself and its business opportunity to potential Amway Independent Business Owners/Entrepreneurs and visitors on the Worldwide Web.

Of all the places in the world that offer the Amway business to budding entrepreneurs, I find it the most fascinating in a region once devoid of the ugly word, capitalism.

This region was once under the Soviet sphere of influence; and consists of Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine.

In these countries, except Amway Ukraine; Amway operates offline and through a web portal named VEBSO.

VEBSO is the abbreviation for the Virtual Electronic Business and Shopping Opportunity. Vebso offers Business Owners, Members, and Clients the chance to shop online and have products delivered to the home as well as providing business owners a “virtual office” to manage their businesses.

“For the independent business owners VEBSO is the tool of modern business conduct, which means selling products, placing orders, supporting customer service, and running independent offices. Using VEBSO it is much easier to be in contact with Amway, and the customers can more easily reach the products.”

The following websites are available in English and offer an interesting flash presentation on the “launch” page, however, you’ll need to speak the language of the country to understand.

Vebso Croatia

Vebso Czech Republic

Vebso Hungary

Vebso Poland

Vebso Romania

Vebso Slovakia

Vebso Slovenia

Vebso Turkey

Besides, the VEBSO portal, Amway also provides a standard Amway “public” site for each country of operation, with the “Amway story” and facts and figures about the country’s Amway affiliate.

Amway Croatia: established June 2001

Amway Czech Republic (non-English): established March 1994

Amway Poland: established November 1992

Amway Romania: established November 1997. In Romania, more than 32,000 distributors sell Amway products.

Amway Slovakia: established November 1994

Amway Slovenia: established November 1995. Amway Slovenia provides a business opportunity for over 14,000 independent Amway distributors.

Amway Turkey: established July 1994.

Turkey is also home of the Amway Experience Center in Istanbul where all the Amway products are displayed and Amway Registration Kits and some literature are sold. This Experience Center is for IBO’s and members’ usage for placing telephone or VEBSO orders, and for IBOs for holding meetings and showing the Amway business to their customers.

It bears repeating that all Amway distributors are capable of sponsoring new distributors and building an international business in any country that Amway operates. IBOs working in North America through Quixtar also have this privilege.

A listing of all Amway Affiliates in Europe can be found at the Amway-Europe map of links OR at the AMIVO website.

UPDATE: November 2015; All valid links now direct to their respective Amway Dot Country Domains.

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