Royal Body Care Offers Really Free Samples

Irving, Texas-based Multilevel Marketing company Royal Body Care is offering a truly free product sampling program.

Now, you may already know how I feel about “free” samples, but this company’s program looks unique.

The company is taking on the expense of offering the product samples, and providing monetary incentive for its distributors to promote the program. Plus, in addition to the potential sales and profit increase for the company’s distributors; RBC is running a contest with top distributors winning cash awards for adding more customers through the program.

“During the month of May, if you send us 10 new names, we will send your customers free product samples!

As a limited time promotion, RBC is offering its Associates the opportunity to submit a list of 10 names of potential new customers (through his/her Rolodex or holiday/Christmas list). RBC will then send free samples to each of the 10 names free of charge! There are two product choices for your mailing:

Ten “Triple FX” samples OR Ten “10 Days of Chocolate” samples.

Each customer will receive one sample packet and one sampler brochure of either Triple FX or Chocolate Slim Shake. The sampler brochure will include your name, your RBC ID # and your phone number…

…Follow up on your list of 10 names and make some money! If you convert at least two of the 10 people on your list of 10 names to sign up as a NEW Associate in RBC, we will mail out an additional 10 samples for free to a new list of names for you! That’s right! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to leverage your results!

…Not only do you have the opportunity to have RBC do a free mailing for you, you will also have a chance to win money in the: I Thought of You! Sampling Contest! Prizes will be awarded to the top three Associates who sign up the most new Associates from their list of names!

The first prize is $250.00 plus a box of MORE samples to service an additional 50 potential clients.

I like this sample program, mainly, because the distributor is not out any expenses, except the time and effort to send in names AND follow-up with his/her prospects. The company foots the bill, AND rewards the additional successful efforts of their distributors.

One other thing I noticed at the RBC website is their emphasis on a new name. No longer do they use Royal Body Care, I always thought it had a “hokey” sound to it. It seems Royal Body Care has jumped on the “Life Sciences” bandwagon; and now promote themselves as “RBC Lifesciences”

Legal Stuff: RBC is a 15 year-old publicly traded nutritional and wellness company, all product names are copyrighted and owned by RBC Lifesciences.

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