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If you’ve been around the world of multi-level marketing for any length of time, then you are probably aware of the MLM Company “cookie-cutter” website.

This is a website with a simple template or templates to choose from that mirrors the MLM Company’s website with a customized ID number and the participating MLM distributor’s name. Each individual distributor site looks pretty much like all the rest of the company’s distributors’ sites.

Some companies offer the websites to distributors for free and other companies charge a small price.

Quixtar has, in the past, allowed Quixtar IBO’s to contract with third-parties to provide similar sites for recruiting new Independent Business Owners associated with Quixtar. These sites were available at a charge from the third party.

Also, Quixtar Motivational Organizations such as WorldWide Group provides IBO website templates for a fee.

Now, Quixtar Corporation has entered the “cookie-cutter” site arena and is allowing Quixtar IBOs to market Quixtar products via their own distributor site. All for free.

The sites are slightly customizable with 4 separate templates covering different product categories; beauty products, health products, beauty & health products and Gift & Incentive albums. Also other categories can be added.

The limitation is that only those categories are viewable at the site and the full scope of the entire Quixtar line of products still must be accessed at the main Quixtar site after the site visitor/prospective client signs up.

A header link at the sites also allows visitors to register as clients and another link introduces the Quixtar business opportunity to visitors.

Like all “cookie-cutter” sites though, the individual IBO’s web address(URL) of the site is company-generated and not easily remembered by most visitors. Business cards, links, and email will be necessary to introduce visitors and prospective clients to the site.

Internet search engine results based on the site content would list ALL the sites in a random state with no chance of gaining a higher google ranking. I suppose this is in keeping with Quixtar’s stance of a “level-playing field” for all IBOs.

Clever IBOs could purchase a easily remembered and searchable domain and redirect to the cookie cutter site.

So, Dave? Did you get one of the sites?

Well yeah, IT WAS FREE!

I chose the template that covers the Gift and Incentive line.

David Robison’s

UPDATE: 4/25/2015 My site link was disabled as it is no longer available

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5 Responses to New Personal Quixtar IBO Websites

  1. Ty Tribble says:

    I hate it when people preface being nit picky by saying “not to be nit picky”.

    So, to be nit picky, I am pretty sure that WWDB does not offer free web sites. Unless you call $49/month, free.

  2. Ty Tribble says:

    and, I like your new site.

  3. Howdy Ty,

    I don’t think I implied that WWDB offered a free website.

    (Not to be nitpicky)



  4. somewhere in between says:

    this site can be created off the quixtar website?

  5. Somewhere,

    This site is made at the Quixtar site by IBOs logged in; with Quixtar’s full approval.

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