Free Renewal For Shaklee Distributors

From the Barefoot Blog:

“As announced on the “No Limits in 2006” DVD in January, and at the Master Coordinators Growth Summit in December, Members who are scheduled for Renewal on June 30, 2006, do not need to pay the usual $19.95 to renew! They may continue enjoying all the benefits of Membership simply by having a cumulative 100 or more PV during the past 12-month Membership year (July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006). This 100 or more cumulative PV may be achieved via MDO product purchases or PV transfers.

Members who qualify for free renewal with the 100 or more cumulative PV will receive a new Membership ID card valid through June 30, 2007 as well as continue to receive Shaklee mailings with any special offers and promotions. Those who have not yet accumulated 100 or more PV by the end of April PV month, will receive a communication from Shaklee encouraging them to reach their 100 or more PV total for free renewal.

All Members, whether or not they qualify for free renewal with 100 or more cumulative PV will remain in Shaklee’s system, will not be deactivated, and can continue to purchase and enjoy Shaklee products at their current price tier…


UPDATE:  MAY 2016–The Barefoot Blog is no longer archived on the Internet.  Links have been Disabled. Cindy McAsey. formally of that bog, is still a Shaklee Associate.  Her newest site is Be-Barefoot.

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