D. Robison, PR Guy / Epilogue

A few days later, I received a package from Quixtar. Inside the box were 2 cases of XS energy drink and a framed photograph of Beth Dornan. Modesty prevents me from even mentioning what she wrote on the photo. Also included was a short note from Doug.

Dear Mr. Robison,

Thank you for your help. We have posted our letter to Mr. Larsen at the IBOIA website, just like Jody Victor did.

Mr. Larsen has retracted information and edited his site, yet not without comment. We also noticed other critics mentioning the episode, as you had prophesied; but we can live with that.

While, we do appreciate your help, you must understand that we can not confirm your assistance to us on this matter. We hope you understand and will keep our little secret.





Oh well, that’ll teach him to say my jokes are NOT funny!


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  1. kathleen says:

    Dave, that is rich. VERY well done! Enjoyed it muchly!


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