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Towards the end of the 20th Century, major book seller lists were topped by titles pertaining to our environment. Earth Day celebrations were popular and the media covered “green” news. We were encouraged to “Reduce, Recycle, Re-Use” and GM was touting the first commercially available full electric automobile. While shopping at the local supermarket, “Paper or Plastic” was the automatic question asked by cashiers and if you chose plastic; you were just plain weird.

(I always chose paper, just for your information)

Being “green” was the hip, trendy thing to be.

Now Earth Day 2006 is upon us, and I noticed little in the news that led up to today; other than stories about the ever increasing gasoline prices and how we are reducing our gasoline usage not because of environmental factors but because of financial concerns. (Our local CBS affiliate just ran a story on a woman who pawned her wedding ring to fill up her gas tank)

Earth Day should not be part of a “hip trend”, it should be a constant reminder to us to care for our fragile planet. We should not be just “environmental” for a short time while fuel costs rise. We need to implement long-term change to our habits that endanger this small blue marble in the Solar System.

Do you need something to make you even consider making “green living” a way in your own life?

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the selected cities, go see
“An Inconvenient Truth”, a new film by Davis Guggenheim and former Vice-President Al Gore.

A full theatrical trailer is available at the film site or at YouTube.

Have a great Earth Day, it’s in your hands.

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