Any Fool Can Start A Business

It was April 1st, 1981.

I had business cards printed with the business name of “Spotlight Enterprises”.

spotlightenterprisesSpotlight was to be my “umbrella corporation” to handle all my various “multi-million dollar” business interests. Entertainment, marketing, real estate, performing, writing, the whole enchilada. (18 year olds can dream really big)

And seriously, my slogan was going to be, “Established April 1st, 1981; proving any fool can start a business”.

More seriously; that slogan still proves true for most business “start-ups.”

Any fool can start a business, but to remain fool-hardy in running a business means many fools fail at business.

Spotlight Enterprises failed due to irresponsible youthfulness, a lack of commitment, a lack of planning, and an extreme lack of work. (but later on, my wife had some wicked awesome old “Spotlight” t-shirts to sleep in)

Spotlight Enterprises was my first business failure, but not my last business I ever started; and those others succeeded quite nicely.

The truly un-foolish thing I did was to not give up, and learn from my mistakes.
Learning from experience can suck, but it provides lessons you don’t soon forget.

So today, is my 25th anniversary of entering the on-again-off-again world of “business” and its sometimes foolish mistakes.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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